Why Kill The Innocent by C.S. Harris

WhyKillTheInnocentWhy Kill the Innocent by C.S. Harris

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Sebastian St. Cyr #13
Publication Date: 4/3/18

I anxiously await each new release in this series and can hardly wait to start reading. Then, I am bereft when it ends. I always think that I’ll pace myself, read slower, enjoy longer, but, I always find myself flying through because I can’t wait to see what happens next. This book falls right into that mold. I really wish this author could write as quickly as I read! I love the characters, of course, but I also love the accuracy of the history that the author weaves into the stories – and she always includes our characters meeting one real historical character – this one included the widower of Mary Wollstonecraft. Harris’ command of the English language is unparalleled – I learned several new vocabulary words. She used one word, ‘broquins’ that I can’t even find in any of the dictionaries but I remember my grandmother using it when referring to a particular type of shoe. The online dictionaries keep showing me the definition of ‘bruins’ – say what.

I love the way this author writes, her research is impeccable and her character development is superb. This book concentrated more on the mystery than on any new developments in the relationship between Sebastian and his father (Hendon) or any real hints of what is happening between Hero’s father and her cousin. There were some hints of what might be coming – a new hint surfaced about Sebastian’s natural father. There was somewhat less life-threatening excitement in this book than in the others – one small scene for each that was very quickly resolved. I’m still anxious to see whether Hero’s father (or her cousin – or both) had a hand in the death of Hero’s mother – she was ill, but maybe they helped her along a bit . . . .

Hero and her friend Alexi Sauvage traveled to Clerkenwell in a raging snowstorm during one of the worst winters in English history. Hero was researching a story on the families left behind when the men were impressed into the English military. While they were there, the woman went into labor and Alexi and Hero stayed to deliver the baby. As they headed back to the carriage, it was long past dark, the snow was blowing and the wind was howling when Hero tripped, pitched forward and landed in a deep snow drift. She froze in place as she realized she had landed on a body. When they turned the rapidly freezing body, they realized two things. First, it was a woman who had been murdered and second, Hero knew who she was.

As Hero and Sebastian investigate, there are clues and suspects everywhere – not to mention the palace intrigues and interference from Hero’s father, Jarvis as well as international intrigue. How could one sweet, gentle, caring and sad young piano teacher have so much happen to her and then end up murdered? There are so many possibilities, so many suspects and it takes a lot of effort to unravel it all – especially when more bodies start to turn up. Can they solve it before one of them becomes a victim? You’ll just have to read this exciting new entry in the series to find out.

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