Lord of Mischief by Sasha Cottman

Lord of Mischief (The Duke of Strathmore Book 6)Lord of Mischief by Sasha Cottman

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Duke of Strathmore #6
Publication Date: 6/1/18

This is the second book I have read by Sasha Cottman and it is an excellently written and excellently plotted book. It is basically Bonnie meets Clyde (without the bank robbing) – and we all know what an ill-fated relationship that one was!

Freddie Rosemount is the second son of a Viscount who wants to make his mark on the world. Evidently, he doesn’t care if that is a good mark or a bad mark because he certainly gets into some very, very questionable activities. He also doesn’t seem to have a thought or care for anyone or anything other than himself. Who he inadvertently hurts doesn’t matter. He has the opportunity to join The Bachelor Club and will do whatever it takes to get enough points in the contest to win that membership. He races bareback headlong through London in the dark of night, deliberately insults members of the ton, takes on an unruly dog and gives it a ridiculous name – each test he is given is more vile than the last and he intends to pass them all with flying colors.

Eve Saunders is the female version of Freddie Rosemount – but without the freedom to act upon that wildness. She does manage to join up with Freddie and help him in his quests. They say they are trying to maintain her reputation, but they flaunt convention at every opportunity. Eve is jealous of her older sister and is determined to beat her to the altar. She is determined to marry Freddy long before she knows him well enough to know if she does/could love him. She is attracted to his wildness because it calls to the wildness within her.

Freddie’s father finally steps in to curb his son, but that doesn’t stop him. What finally stops him is something that is done by the man who runs the Bachelor Club. I don’t believe Freddy would have changed his ways if that hadn’t happened. He certainly wasn’t upset by anything else they had done – no matter how heinous. It was only after something could have affected him personally that he thought he needed to take a look at himself. Had that not happened, I believe he would have continued on with his wild lifestyle. So – I never grew to like Freddie – nor did I grow to like Eve.

The fact that I didn’t care for either the hero or the heroine doesn’t mean that the story wasn’t well written. It was. The plot was excellent and the writer stayed with that plot. So, I’m giving it 4-stars.

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3 thoughts on “Lord of Mischief by Sasha Cottman

  1. Sasha is a new author to me also but I was fortunate to read her book pre-release and I loved it! Look forward to more by her…


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