Maura’s Special Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

Maura's Special Spinster's SocietySeries: Spinster’s Society #10
Publication Date: 7/31/18

Just a note:  If you want to read this book, you will not find it on any vendor, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc. until the release date.  I have no clue why the author does this, but you cannot pre-order or read the blurb — nothing before release date! 

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is the final book for the original ten members of the Men of Nashwood, and I had assumed the final book of the series. However, the author inducted five new members into the Nashwood group, so I assume we’ll either have five more books in this series or we’ll have a spin-off series. This author isn’t very communicative, so I have no idea of what might be next.

We’ve watched Maura and Julius bicker back-and-forth for a number of books, so we knew they’d be paired up. I’m glad we finally got to Julius’ story and I’m glad his story was the last one. The same goes for Maura. She’s been there since the beginning and they probably have the most interesting and disturbing backgrounds. We learned Julius’ big secret in the last book and now we learn Maura’s.

I’m still not sure what it is about these books that hold my attention – but they do. They are all totally improbable and totally period incorrect. These people, no matter their rank, would have been totally ostracized from polite society. I’m usually a stickler for toeing the line to be period correct – but for some mysterious reason – I just suspend my disbelief and enjoy the story. Maybe it is because they are so blatantly incorrect.

Maura has been visited by a ghost since she was eleven years old and she spent ten years in Bedlam because of it. In this book, we learn who her ghost is, how he visits her, and why. We also learn some of the horrendous ‘treatments’ she was subjected to in Bedlam – and she was treated kindly – God help those other poor souls.

After three years abroad, Maura’s father is coming home. He is the one who placed Maura in Bedlam – and as soon as he left the country, her mother went and got her. Three years of freedom has been a wonderful thing – but with her father on the way home, they all know she’ll soon be back in Bedlam. When the others find out about his return, they start looking for ways to keep her away from him and away from Bedlam.

At the same time, they are looking for ways to keep Maura out of Bedlam, they are also learning more about the Ghost. Can a man who has been dead for over ten years possibly have any bearing on the present? He sure can – read it to find out how and why.

Julius Hext, the Marquess of Darvess, had a horrible childhood that included his mother trying to murder him so that his uncle could inherit Julius’ title. Needless to say, Julius has serious, serious trust problems and he feels that he is unlovable. If his own mother couldn’t love him, who could. The ONLY people in the world he trusts are the Men of Nashwood because they saved his life and have bound themselves together to protect him and their secret ever since.

Julius is a flirt – but he’d never even think of marrying for love. Frankly, he’d never consider marrying at all. Well – unless he needed to do it to save Maura from her father. Then, he’d go for a marriage in name only with her living on her own in one residence and him in another. But then, he finds she has other options – there are other very eligible men willing to marry her. NO! He is the only one who can protect her.

There is a delightful epilogue set five-years out and I was so happy to see that. We get to catch up with all of the couples and their families and see how they are doing. We also learn that they are going to induct five new members to the Men of Nashwood.

This is a fun read and I hope you enjoy it!

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12 thoughts on “Maura’s Special Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

    1. I’m not surprised. This author doesn’t do any promo at all. The book blurb, etc. isn’t even posted on Goodreads or anywhere else until the day the book releases. For some odd reason, the books have just appealed to me.

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    1. I had the same issue when I went to review this book. Amazon has taken down all books by this author due to some infraction. I wrote her an email and found this out although she has now informed all of her ARC readers through a mass message on messenger.


      1. She told us that she is working hard to straighten out the problem with Amazon. Maybe you could request her to send you a review copy.


      2. Hello, can you please tell me how I can contact the author, because I really want to read Maura’s story she’s the character I have been looking for to reading the most and now I can’t find her book anywhere.


      3. You can TRY her old email address, but I really believe she’s taken her stuff down and is now writing under a new name — Deborah Wilson (I think). Her old email is Charlotte Stone . I’m sorry, but that is all I know.


    2. The author messaged all of us on her review crew saying that she and Amazon were in conflict and they had taken down all of her books, etc. She’s trying to straighten it out, but it could be a while. I would suggest that you go to her Facebook page Charlotte Stone Books – and send her a message. She MIGHT send you a review copy of the book or she might have more information about when she’ll maybe be back on Amazon. If you can’t get her that way, I might be able to help with her email address.


    1. I am so very sorry, but I don’t think you will be able to read it unless you can get it directly from the author. Contact her through Facebook ( and maybe she can send it to you. Don’t be surprised though, I’ve found that she isn’t very responsive.

      Her author page and all of her books and reviews have been permanently deleted from Amazon.

      Again, I’m sorry — but maybe she can provide you with an ebook herself.


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