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Romancing the Earl by Darcy Burke

Romancing the Earl (Legendary Rogues, #2)Romancing the Earl by Darcy Burke
Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Legendary Rogues, #2

Release Date: April 2015

I LOVED this book – I loved the first book – which I didn’t realize until I started to read this book, was about Cate’s parents. I would categorize this book as a historical action/adventure romance. The book is well written and the plot moves at a very fast pace.

Cate is a great heroine – she is smart, independent, adventurous, bold and brave. She is on a mission to find one of the 13 secret/hidden artifacts of King Arthur. Her quest is to find the sword known as Dyrnwyn and to find it she needs a tapestry owned by Elijah, Lord Norris.

Elijah is the new Earl, inheriting from his late brother. His brother has died under mysterious circumstances and now Elijah believes he was murdered for the tapestry. Before his death, his brother wrote to him and told him about a map that he had hidden. After meeting Cate, he realizes that the map his brother referred to was actually the tapestry Cate is looking for.

This is the beginning of their adventure – a quest to find the sword and discover who murdered Elijah’s brother.

I did find the relationship between Elijah and his mother a little confusing and there was no real closure there – we know they don’t really care for each other – but honestly we don’t know why she behaved as she did – it felt like there was a story there – it just was never told.

I thought the love scenes were well done and HOT – very HOT – not smutty porn or gratuitous – just perfect for this story. I also liked the slight side romance between Grey and Wade – it was well off to the side of the real story and in no way took the attention away from Cate and Elijah.

I would definitely recommend this series and I am impatiently waiting for the next two books featuring Penn Bowen & Gideon, Viscount Kersey

The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor

The Luck of the Bride (The Cavensham Heiresses #3)The Luck of the Bride by Janna MacGregor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Cavensham Heiresses #3
Publication Date: 5/1/18

This new author is continuing to improve and refine her craft in this, her third book. While she still has issues with modern concepts and language creeping into the story, they are fewer than in the previous books – and maybe they’ll be caught and corrected before actual publication since I have an advanced copy. This book could have, so easily, been a full 5-star book, but the last part changed that. I thoroughly enjoyed the book up until about the 80-85% mark where there were some very contrived situations and some very unnecessary pain and suffering and the forgiving was much too easily won. I’d love to re-write that part of the story so that trust is unquestionably given and then working together to find the villain rather than the way it was written.

I loved all of the characters in the book. They were all fully developed, likable and very relatable. I particularly liked all of the Lawson family. They were so supportive, sweet and loving – everything a family should be. I particularly loved Bennett, the young Viscount, who was wise beyond his years. They were an awesome family and anybody would have loved to be a part of them.

March, Faith, Julia, and Bennett lost their parents eight years ago when March was just one week shy of her seventeenth birthday – Faith was eleven, Julia was ten and Bennett was just a one-year-old baby. They were now March’s responsibility to care for, raise and nurture. How was she going to do that when she was still a child herself, just getting ready to have her first season? She didn’t know how she was going to do it, but she definitely was going to. Unfortunately for them, her father named a man who was going mad as their guardian. That guardian also had very poor solicitors and as he descended into madness and subsequently died, the Lawson’s were forgotten and lost in the shuffle. No funds came in to support them or to maintain the estate. March was doing the best she could to keep food on the table and basic repairs done by raising sheep (she even sheared them herself) and offering her mathematical skills as a bookkeeper to various merchants in the village.

The Lawson’s situation was getting more and more desperate. Unexpected storm damage had caused major roof damage as well as damage to their only remaining tenant’s home. They had no food – and March was desperate. Why wouldn’t their new guardian answer their pleas for funds to manage the estate – after all, it was their money and his responsibility to see to their care. She’d written to the guardian as well as his solicitors as he had requested and still – no answers and no funds. Desperation leads to desperate acts – and March was desperate.

Michael Cavensham, the Marquess of McCalpin and heir to the Duke of Langham has a warm and loving family. He also has a secret. His secret failing makes him feel unworthy and inadequate and therefore very insecure. His brother William is the only one who knows his secret and William is very, very protective of his older brother. This insecurity is what is supposed to be the driver behind his actions later in the book – but – well – I’ll let you read and decide what you think of it. I thought it could have been written differently.

McCalpin is stunned to discover that someone is using his name and seal to embezzle funds from a Trust account he is responsible for and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it. He summons March to London to make an accounting of herself – and is struck by her bravery and tenacity. As he meets the family to whom the Trust belongs, he is stunned to see how they live – and he can’t believe it. Their circumstances are dire – they have little food, a home in disrepair and a cousin who is bent on causing them harm. He immediately has himself declared their guardian as well as the one who is responsible for their Trust –and he takes those responsibilities seriously.

The first 80% or so of the book moves along quickly and you come to know and love all of the parties involved. Neither March nor McCalpin are prone to trust others, for very different, but very valid reasons. So, it is nice to see them grow to love each other and to trust each other. That is what made the last 20% so sad. This author does tend to choose the darker route when a much nicer uplifting route is available. While I am not an author, I certainly read enough to know that there was a much more uplifting way to handle the issues that were thrown in their path. Had McCalpin, who supposedly loved March beyond all else, chosen to believe in and trust her, then they could have worked together to find and identify the villain. That isn’t what happened. Since the author chose another path, I think she made the reconciliation and forgiveness much, much, much too easy. It was just basically an “I’m sorry, will you forgive me?” And a “Yes” and that was it. After what he did and the heartache and suffering he caused for March and her siblings because he couldn’t/wouldn’t trust – it should have been much harder than it was. Then – the villains – one is punished – probably more than he deserved given what he did and the other one was actually rewarded. Say what!!! The dude who was rewarded is the one who was actually responsible for the heartache, suffering, and damage that was done to March and her family — yet — because he had a sad story he is rewarded.

So – for my rating – the first 80% of the book gets a full 5-stars, but the last 20% gets a 3-star rating. That comes out to my rating of 4-stars. I’ll look forward to the next book.

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Natalia’s Secret Spinster’s Society by Charlotte Stone

Natalia's Secret Spinster's Society (The Spinster's Society) (A Regency Romance Book)Natalia’s Secret Spinster’s Society (The Spinster’s Society) by Charlotte Stone

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Spinster’s Society
Publication Date: 4/25/18

Secrets! Long held and closely guarded secrets are revealed in what is one of the best books of the series so far. It is well written and well plotted and focuses more on the two main characters than it does on the society interfering with whatever is happening. Yes, the society is there, but more in the background than they have been in other books. There was also a nice catch-up with the ladies and their families. We’ve always known there was more to Sudworth than meets the eye – and we finally find out what that ‘more’ is! There is also a bit of a set-up for what will probably be the next romance in the series – at least I hope it is.

As we’ve read through the series, we came to know that the Men of Nashwood were bound by blood as well as a deep friendship. We knew that the secret centered around Julius Hext, but that was all we knew. In this book, we learn the horrific events that happened when the Men of Nashwood were still just boys. With that kind of heartache, it is hard to see how they could grow into the wonderful men they have turned out to be.

Julius Hext is receiving blackmail notes and has been for the last year. Someone knows their secret and intends to make them pay. The men have been investigating and are getting closer and closer to finding the culprit. They have found that one member of the ton has been spreading rumors, but where is he getting his information? William Tift and Franklin Lockwood have followed him to Oxford where a woman of obvious wealth passes him a note. Can she be the source? Then, they see yet another woman arguing with her. As the two women split, Frank goes after one and William goes after the other. William confronts the one he is chasing, but she gets away – but not before he gets a good look at her.

Mrs. Leah Wells is a resident and teacher at the home the Spinster’s society run for battered and abused women. However, Leah doesn’t show any of the symptoms of having been an abused woman and Maura has begun to wonder about her and asks the other ladies to look into it. William and Franklin are assigned to keep an eye on the home and as they are arriving, they see a woman running down the street with a fire poker in her hand – she’s chasing a big, burly man who is dragging another woman with him. The first woman attacks the man with the poker and manages to free the woman. Then, William manages to rescue both of them from the man. Later, as William gets a good look at her, he realizes she is the woman he’d seen in Oxford. How can she be back here and in residence at the home? Is she a danger to the ladies of the Society or the residents? What does she have to do with the blackmail? Is she the blackmailer?

Sir William Tift hasn’t always been rich. His family went through some very hard times, but nobody outside the Men of Nashwood knows that. He always loved the time he spent at the homes of the Men of Nashwood – he especially treasured the time he spent at the home of Julius Hext because he loved spending time with Julius’ young cousin – Natalia Hext. She frustrated him, tormented him, and aggravated him, but he always loved being around her. Then, she disappeared and he hasn’t seen her for twenty years. Why are memories of her suddenly in his thoughts?

As the investigation continues and secrets are revealed, can a family rift be healed? What role does Zedock Sudworth play? What is his relationship to Mrs. Wells? Is Mrs. Wells William’s childhood friend? Wow! So many questions. You’ll just have to read this great addition to the Spinster’s Society series to find all of those answers and many more.

If you are interested in my reviews of the other books in the series, click on the book name below:

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Emmett Starr, Earl of Ashwick Lorena Cullip (Sister of Francis) 1 – Lady Lorena’s Spinster’s Society
Calvin Lockwood, Very rich landed gentry Alice Wilkins 2 – Alice’s Shameless Spinster’s Society 
Francis Cullip, Duke of Valdeston Lady Genevieve ‘Genie’ Toft 3 – Genie’s Scandalous Spinster’s Society
Morris Kidd, Duke of Cort Miss Sophia Taylor 4 – Miss Sophia’s Spirited Spinster’s Society 
Rollo Kerry, Rich landed gentry Florence Crew (a lady’s maid) 5 – Florence’s Stupendous Spinster’s Society 


Hugh Vance – Marquess of Edvoy Taygete Bellenger 6 – Miss Taygete’s Sweet Sister’s Society


Aaron Walsh, Earl of Jeanshire Christin Potter 7 – Christin’s Splendid Spinster’s Society


Sir William Tift Natalia Hext (Julius Hext’s cousin) 8 – This book
Julius Hext, Marquess of Darvess    
Franklin Lockwood, Very Rich Landed Gentry  

Please check out my reviews at:
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“I requested and received this e-book at no cost to me and volunteered to read it; my review is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.”

The Blood Reaver by Barbara Devlin

The Blood Reaver (Pirates of Britannia Book 6)The Blood Reaver by Barbara Devlin
Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Pirates of Britannia, #6

Release Date: April 24, 2018

Turner Reyson aka the Blood Reaver meets Rose Armistead in a brothel in Port Royal. She is waving a gun and demanding the return of her stolen trunk. He wants her and what he wants, he gets.

Her trunk returned, Rose leaves, Turner follows, introductions are made and she negotiates passage back to Charles Town for herself, her mother and her brother. Turner agrees for three reasons, he needs the money, the possibility of Spanish galleons and he wants her.

He convinces his crew to pretend to be merchants and then sets his plan to seduce her into motion. But Rose is much more than he expected and when she learns the truth, even the love she has for him may not be enough for a HEA.

This was a great novella, well written and fast moving story with pirates, a heroine who is a shrewd negotiator, a lusty sea captain, sea battles, steamy love scenes, treasure and a great HEA complete with an epilogue! This is the sixth book in the Pirates of Britannia series, but can easily be read as a stand alone title.

Ladies of the Stone: A Scottish Romance Anthology by Eliza Knight, Madeline Martin, Cecelia Mecca & Lori Ann Bailey

Ladies of the Stone: A Scottish Romance AnthologyLadies of the Stone: A Scottish Romance Anthology by Eliza Knight
Tracy’s rating: 4.5/5 of 5 stars

Release Date: April 24, 2018

This was a really fun anthology – four novellas centered around the legend of the Heart of Scotland, a mythical stone that holds the soul of Scotland and the ladies chosen to protect it. The basic gist of the stories is that the Heart of Scotland must be protected, if it falls into the wrong hands, Scotland will suffer. Each time a protector dies, the stone returns to the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye and is guarded by the priestess, until the new protector arrives. Every protector has a mark, a small dagger on their hip, they also have a special power, that usually intensifies after they take possession of the stone. For each protector there is a nemesis, who also has a mark on their hip and a power – each protector will have to fight to keep the stone safe – classic good vs evil.

The Highlander’s Quest by Eliza Knight – 4 stars – The daughter of Julianna and Ronan Sutherland, Julia Sutherland, is called to be the new protector of King David II, the boy king of Scotland. She doesn’t want to leave her mother, who is recovering from poisoning, but duty comes first. She goes to Dunfermline Palace to report to the Earl of Moray, the young king’s regent. When she arrives she is stopped by Alistair Campbell, Moray’s personal guard. It is definitely not a case of love at first sight! When the young king is kidnapped, Julia will be drawn to the pools and will have to choose between duty to her king or let the stone fall into the hands of a villain. Julia and Alistair will have to work together to save both the king and the stone. Nice story, lots of action, steamy love scenes and a HEA.

Cassandra by Madeline Martin – 5 stars – Cassandra Thomas is the most recent youngest daughter born to the line of Beaumont women – the youngest daughter of this line is always born with a gift/power, at her birth her grandmother predicts that not only will Cassandra have a powerful connection to the earth, but she will also be called upon as a protector of the stone. Cassandra feels the burden of expectation her entire life and feels like a disappointment to her family, when at the ripe old age of 20 she has shown no real evidence of her gift. But all that changes when the mark of the protector appears on her hip and she is drawn to the pools on Skye. Fergus needs the stone, his king is holding his son captive, a son Fergus has never seen and will not release him until Fergus delivers the Heart of Scotland AND the protector. Cassandra and Fergus meet when they both arrive at the pool – Fergus bests her and takes the stone. Cassandra follows him – which suits his purposes. Along the way to the king, Cassandra will come into her powers and Fergus will help her learn to harness her gift. They will fall in love, but will he be willing to save her at the cost of his son? This was the most “magical” of the novellas, it had some anguish, steamy love scenes, action and a seemingly impossible HEA.

The Protector’s Promise by Cecelia Mecca – 4 stars – William “Court” Thornhurst, an Englishman and seneschal of Camburg Castle is drawn to the pools on Skye and the stone as is Lady Marion of Ormonde. Court get the stone and is pursued by Marion. Marion is the protector, she has anticipated and trained for this her entire life – there is no way she is going to let Court keep the stone. When she confronts him, he takes her captive, he will not give her the stone, he doesn’t know why, but he knows the stone will help him win his heart’s desire. Marion isn’t giving up – she will get the stone. As they travel, they are attracted to one another, but they are enemies and resist the pull. Marion wears down Court and he promises to give her the stone after he completes his mission. Marion must convince him that his mission will destroy the truce between their countries and that he doesn’t need the lands and title he craves to be worthy. This was a sweet story, with steamy love scenes, a bit of angst and very interesting ending.

The Highland Guard and His Lady by Lori Ann Bailey – 4.5 stars – Leslee MacKinnon is the current protector of the stone, she has an unusual gift, she can “read” objects, she can see visions of the past and can feel the objects owners feelings. She is at Holyrood Place to translate an ancient text for the Queen. She meets Duncan Douglas, captain of the guard, when she tries to enter the queen’s apartments. Duncan is immediately drawn to her and feels oddly protective of her. Duncan is the distant cousin to Lord Darnley, the Queen’s consort, the father of the prince and Duncan’s only living family. They both feel the attraction, but she knows nothing will come from it – she will return to Skye and he is needed at the castle. They grow closer and Leslee trusts him with her secrets, which he seems to accept without question. But when Leslee’s nemesis tries to claim the stone, will Duncan choose Leslee or will he choose to stand by the only family he has left? This was a great story, lots of emotion, steamish love scenes and the most original and entertaining fictional interpretation of Lord Darnley’s death that I have ever read.

Overall, this was a wonderful collection, all the novellas follow the same theme, but they are all stand alone stories, they all incorporate true historical figures and events, they are all well written, entertaining, steamish and each have a touch of magic. I am happy to recommend this anthology and would be interested in reading more from all of these authors.

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