The Highland Guardian by Amy Jarecki

The Highland Guardian (Lords of the Highlands, #3)The Highland Guardian by Amy Jarecki

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Lords of the Highlands #3
Publication Date: 12/19/17

Romantic! Exciting! Suspenseful! This book reached out, grabbed me by the heart and dragged me back in time to Scotland during the early stages of the Jacobite movement. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down. While this is the third book in the lords of the Highlands series, you can easily read it as a stand-alone. However, all of the other books are so good I know you’ll want to go back and read them as well.

Amy Jarecki has captured the feel of the time superbly. The English are riding roughshod over the Scots. They consider the Scots to be barbarians and see no reason not to mistreat and maim at every opportunity. You feel the tension in the air and feel the cruelty of the English. Is it any wonder that the Scots rebelled? The characters are fully developed, the writing outstanding and the story is well planned, well-written and very exciting. You’ll fall in love with both Audrey and Reid.

Reid MacKenzie, Earl of Seaforth is a Highlander through-and-through. He’s also a Jacobite. Not because he’s a religious zealot, but because he is concerned about the sovereignty of Great Britain and doesn’t want to be ruled by ‘outsiders’ upon the death of Queen Anne. He wants Anne’s brother, James, from the Stuart line to become king. He’s the leader of the Highlanders support of ‘the cause’ and has little time for other things in his life – especially NOT a young ward. When he and his crew are returning to England from a visit to James in France, their ship is fired upon and sunk off the coast. His whole crew escapes unharmed – except for Nicholas Kinnet. As Kennet lays dying, he extracts a promise from Reid. Reid promises that he will see to the care and well-being of Kinnet’s daughter. Reid has no time to care for a child, but he’s a man of his word and will see to her care. How long can it take to find a good boarding school for her?

Audrey Kennet has always been excruciatingly shy and awkward. She’s a wallflower of the first order – or so she thinks. So, what is she to do when an unkempt stranger shows up at her door and announces that her father is dead and he is her new guardian? Well – she certainly isn’t going to trust him! Then, he announces that he will be marrying her off as soon as possible. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! She has no intention of marrying just to suit her new guardian. She finds she has strength and courage she never existed within her and manages to keep Reid off-kilter at every turn.

There is a first-class villain, of course. He sets many bad things in motion – just so he can have Audrey and her estate. I won’t mention all of the treacheries he sets off, but it takes us on a wild ride of a story. It is fast-paced, chilling, heart-wrenching and – yes – romantic. What a ride! You wonder right up to the end if they’ll survive and get their HEA! Great read!

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A Scottish Lord for Christmas by Lauren Smith

A Scottish Lord for Christmas (Sins and Scandals #3)A Scottish Lord for Christmas by Lauren Smith

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Sins and Scandals #3
Publication Date: 12/5/17

Scrumptiously, deliciously different tale of love. Lauren Smith always delights us with her wonderful way of developing wonderful characters and writing compelling stories for them. This book – and this series certainly attests to that.

This stories in this series begin with a house party in book one of the series. Leopold Graham, Earl of Hampton was almost ‘pockets to let’ and needed to find a rich wife. He had his sights set on Millie, but he didn’t like her very much. So, Leopold gets his HEA in the first book and Millie gets hers in the second book – and now, in the third book, Millie’s sister gets her HEA.

As this tale begins, Leo and Ivy are engaged and Owen has just ‘ruined’ Millie so they have to marry. Millie and her parents leave Rowena at the house party while they go to their neighboring estate to make arrangements for Millie’s wedding to Owen. Rowena is so nervous because she’s just had her first season and this is her first house party. She’s afraid she’ll make a mistake and fall flat on her face even with Leo’s mom as her chaperone.

During dinner that night, all of the ladies are all a’ twitter about Quinn MacCauley, Lord Forres, a Scottish Earl. Rowena is half-way down the table from him, but she finds his voice mesmerizing and her eyes are constantly drawn to him.

The next day, while taking a walk in the gardens, Rowena sees a small girl running her chubby little legs off – directly for the slippery, frozen fountain in the garden and there is nobody running after her. Rowena hikes up her skirts and takes off at a full run and manages to snare the little sprite just before she pitches headlong into the fountain. She is about two or three years old and she was looking for ‘fishies’. Rowena hugs her close and falls in love with the child. She has no idea who the child belongs to or why she would be all alone in the garden. Then, the child’s nurse comes puffing up to Rowena and explains that the little girl is a bit of an escape artist and that she is the daughter of Lord Forres who is a widower. At about that time, Lord Forres himself runs up and is surprised to see his daughter, Blair, being held in the arms of a stranger because she will not usually have anything to do with people that she is not totally familiar with.

Quinn was totally, completely, profoundly and irrevocably in love with his wife and her death devastated him. If it weren’t for his sweet bairn, he wouldn’t have made it through. Now, he has decided to find himself a wife – not because he wants to, but because Blair needs a mother and he needs someone to oversee the household part of the estate so he can be free to manage the rest. He wants someone who is totally different than his first wife because he doesn’t want any reminders. Since Maura was a Scot, he looked for an English woman, etc.

Whomever Quinn decided to marry, she would have to understand that there would never be love between them. It would always be a marriage of convenience – no love, probably not even affection. However, he couldn’t help but be attracted to Rowena who was sweet, gentle and kind – and she genuinely cared for his daughter. Once he decided to propose he was really surprised when Rowena accepted.

Their journey, most especially Quinn’s journey, to finding love and happiness is a delightful read. I couldn’t put it down. The characters were wonderfully developed and I was truly invested in the story and their happiness.

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An Earl by Any Other Name – Book 1
A Gentleman Never Surrenders – Book 2

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Tying the Scot by Jennifer Tretheway

Tying the ScotTying the Scot by Jennifer Tretheway

Release Date: November 27th, 2017

Tracy’s rating: 3 of 5 stars

Alex Sinclair and Lucy FitzHarris met as children, Alex was smitten with her and acted in her defense when her brother threw her ball in the pond. Alex retrieved her ball and punched her brother. Lucy’s father asked 11 year old Alex to swear an oath to be 9 year old Lucy’s protector.

Fast forward nine years, Lucy learns that the man she hoped to marry, the man with a title that would make the ton overlook her illegitimate birth, has gone and gotten engaged to another woman. And to make matters worse, her father has betrothed her to a Scotsman! She begs, she whines, she cries, she throws a tantrum and spends the next few weeks trying to have her father call off the wedding.

Alex has agreed to the wedding, he knows it will benefit his clan and he wants to show his father that he has matured. Alex is a little heart sore, he asked a woman to marry him and she rejected him, so he hopes he will be able to have a happy marriage with Lucy, he remembers her as a little girl, but wants to know what kind of woman she has become. He concocts a rather stupid plan to pretend to be part of her escort so he can observe her without her knowing who he is.

All is going well until Lucy learns the truth and flips out. I personally thought her reaction was over the top and painted her as a vindictive, spoiled, immature brat. And she cannot let it go – for almost half the book, she is mad at him and plotting her “revenge”. They finally make up and it seems like she is maturing a bit. She finally agrees to marry him and then she misunderstand something she sees Alex doing. Again, she flat out refuses to listen to his explanation and ends up putting herself in peril.

Alex is a hot head and a bit immature himself, but he really cares for Lucy and when he learns she left, he takes off after her.

This is a new author to me and I thought the writing was good, the story did move right along and stayed on point. There was action, betrayal, kidnappings, multiple villains, interesting secondary characters, a couple of mild love scenes and a lot of frustrating misunderstandings before these two get a HEA.

This was new author to me and while I didn’t love this story, I would be willing to read her future work.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*

Highland Redemption by Lori Ann Bailey

Highland RedemptionHighland Redemption by Lori Ann Bailey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Highland Pride #2
Publication Date: 11/27/17

This is the second novel by Lori Ann Bailey and I think she has great promise as an author. This series is set in 1640’s Scotland during a time of great turmoil between the Royalists and the Covenanters. I have not read the first book in the series and I think that may be what caused some of my questions about people in this book. There are some things that, to me, just aren’t plain and it makes me question their plausibility. I enjoyed the story, I just didn’t understand some of the character backgrounds and standing within the clan.

Skye MacDonald (or is it, Cameron, because her father was a Cameron farmer) is the niece of the MacDonald Laird. Skye was named for the Isle of Skye where her mother’s family lived. Skye’s mother was the daughter of the previous MacDonald Laird and the sister of the current one. Skye and Brodie were childhood friends and Brodie looked up to Skye’s father very much. The two spent most of their time together and friendship turned to love. Skye loved Brodie with all of her heart, but when Brodie began spending more and more time away, she began to wonder at his commitment to her. Then, when he disappeared during the worst time of her life, she was bereft and when her uncle came to take her back to Isle of Skye with him – she went.

Brodie Cameron is the cousin of the Cameron Laird. I’m not sure what his family ‘job’ as part of the Cameron clan is, but it sounds as if they are farmers. Brodie spent as much of his time as possible with Skye and her family. He loved Skye and felt as if her father was a second father to him. He wanted to marry Skye and make a life with her, but he didn’t feel worthy of her – especially after overhearing a conversation between Skye’s father and her uncle. So, when an opportunity to better himself arose, he took it. He became “The Raven” a spy for the Royalists. Sadly, that caused him to have to be away from home for long periods of time and didn’t allow him to explain those absences to Skye. When he returned from an important mission to find Skye’s father had died and Skye had left, he was inconsolable.

Five years later, Brodie rescues a young woman who is being abducted, only to discover that the woman is Skye. Both of them realize their love has never died and they also realize that neither of them is free to act on that. Argyle, a staunch Covenanter, has put a price on the head of The Raven and Brodie would never expose Skye to that and Skye’s uncle has betrothed her to the third son of another Laird in order to form a political alliance.

Brodie is taking Skye to safety when he discovers that Argyle has also placed a bounty on Skye’s head – dead or alive. He cannot understand why Argyle has placed the bounty, but he will do all in his power to keep her safe. How will they manage to get through that time and keep their hearts intact and not betray their clans and alliances?

This is a lovely story of love and redemption. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall

Enchanted by the Highlander (A Highland Fairytale, #4)Enchanted by the Highlander by Lecia Cornwall

Series: A Highland Fairy Tale, #4

Release date: November 14, 2017

Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

I thought this was a very cute story. Very, very loosely based on the Cinderella fairy tale, Gillian MacLeod has always been considered the quiet, biddable sister. But shy Gilly longs for adventure and for true love. She meets John Erly while visiting her sister Fia and is immediately smitten. She is warned by her sister to stay away from “English John”, but at a masked ball, Gilly takes a chance and boldly kisses the man and runs away.

John is bewitched by the masked woman and thinks about her constantly. He has no idea who she is until 10 months later Gilly returns and immediately John knows who his masked lady is. But Gilly is not for the likes of him, a disowned, disgraced, self proclaimed rogue and rascal. So why does it hurt so much to learn she is only staying for a few days before heading off to marry? John lets her know that he knows who she is and what she did, but he keeps her secret safe. Not that anyone would believe him anyway, Gillian is too shy, too timid and too innocent to do such a thing!

When Fia asks John to escort Gilly to her intended and to stand in for her father and give away the bride, John desperately wants to refuse, but Fia will not take no for an answer. Determined to keep his distance and to ignore the temptation she presents, John tries to keep her at an arm’s length. But having tasted boldness, Gillian is not willing to walk away from what could be the adventure of a lifetime.

And an adventure she will have! Within days of setting out, their party is attacked and Gillian is taken captive along with John. They barely escape with their lives and finally give in to the pull between them. John sees a side of Gillian that no one has ever seen and he shares things with her that no other living soul knows. Gillian believes that she has found her true love, but John is not as convinced, he knows he loves her, but has nothing to offer. He is sure she will be fine without him and will soon forget him.

When they are found the next morning, John begins to back away and as the story of Gilly’s escape grows, so does their traveling party making any chance to talk privately impossible. But Gilly knows what she wants and what has to be done, but can she get John to agree?

This was a fast paced story with a lot of action, some laughs, some tears, villains that will not stay vanquished, great secondary characters, a couple of steamy love scenes and finally a very hard won HEA.

This book is part of the Highland Fair Tale series, but could easily be read as a stand alone. FYI – if you read this book and liked her sister Meggie, her story is already available in the Christmas in Kilts Anthology!

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*

Release Blitz for Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

by May McGoldrick,
E-Original published by Swerve
Publication Date: November 14, 2017
ISBN: 9781250166906
Price: $3.99


In this stunning series starter by USA Today bestselling author May McGoldrick, meet the new generation of Pennington’s…five brothers and sisters of passion and privilege. Enter their aristocratic world…where each will fight injustice and find love.
Hugh Pennington—Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Scottish Courts, hero of the Napoleonic wars—is a grieving widower with a death wish. When he receives an expected crate from the continent, he is shocked to find a nearly dead woman inside. Her identity is unknown, and the handful of American coins and the precious diamond sown into her dress only deepen the mystery.

Grace Ware is an enemy to the English crown. Her father, an Irish military commander of Napoleon’s defeated army. Her mother, an exiled Scottish Jacobite. When Grace took shelter in a warehouse, running from her father’s murderers through the harbor alleyways of Antwerp, she never anticipated bad luck to deposit her at the home of an aristocrat in the Scottish Borders. Baronsford is the last place she could expect to find safety, and Grace feigns a loss of memory to buy herself time while she recovers.

Hugh is taken by her beauty, passion, and courage to challenge his beliefs and open his mind. Grace finds in him a wounded man of honor, proud but compassionate. When their duel of wits quickly turns to passion and romance, Grace’s fears begin to dissolve…until danger follows her to the very doors of Baronsford. For, unknown to either of them, Grace has in her possession a secret that will wreak havoc within the British government. Friend and foe are indistinguishable as lethal forces converge to tear the two lovers apart or destroy them both.

Author Bio;
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Authors Nikoo and Jim McGoldrick (writing as May McGoldrick) weave emotionally satisfying tales of love and danger. Publishing under the names of May McGoldrick and Jan Coffey, these authors have written more than thirty novels and works of nonfiction for Penguin Random House, Mira, HarperCollins, Entangled, and Heinemann. Nikoo, an engineer, also conducts frequent workshops on writing and publishing and serves as a Resident Author. Jim holds a Ph.D. in Medieval and Renaissance literature and teaches English in northwestern Connecticut. They are the authors of Much Ado About Highlanders, Taming the Highlander, and Tempest in the Highlands with SMP Swerve.

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Excerpt: Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

RomancingtheScot - Copy
Looking the shipping crate over for damage and seeing none, he retrieved an iron crow from a workbench. Jo was standing inside the doors, eyeing the box doubtfully from a safe distance.
“Come closer. It won’t bite.”
“Not a chance. From the smell of that thing, a person would think you’re importing cadavers. Have you also taken up being a Resurrectionist as a hobby?”
He patted the crate affectionately. “This sweet thing has been sitting in the bowels of a ship from Antwerp. You know what the hold of a ship smells like?”
“Actually, I don’t.” She held a handkerchief to her nose and drew closer. “But I think you’re correct with the reference to ‘bowels.’”
Hugh took the first nail out. “Well, stand back, since you’ve become so prissy. Though I recall a younger version of you leading the rest of us through bogs and marshes that smelled no better.”
“Of course! But as I recall, we had frogs and turtles and the occasional dragon that needed hunting,” she replied with a smile. “Very well. Open it and let’s see this treasure of yours.”
Prying off the top took him only a moment. Throwing it to the side, he pulled back the tarp that covered the basket and then stared curiously at the dark green rags bundled at the bottom.
Leaning in, Hugh’s enthusiasm evaporated as a horrid realization settled in. This was no pile of old clothing. A shock of blond hair. A shoe. A hand. The body of a dead woman lay curled up in the gondola.
“Bloody hell.”
“What is it?” Immediately, Jo was at his side. “Good God!”
Hugh climbed in and crouched beside the body. He took her hand. She was cold to the touch. His heart sank. The crate had been shipped from Antwerp. To be trapped for so many days with no water, no food, in the cold and damp of the ship’s hold. He had no idea who this woman was or how she came to be in here.
The thought struck him. Perhaps it wasn’t an inadvertent act. Perhaps she was murdered and her body had been dumped into the crate.
Dismay and alarm clawed at him as he pushed away the matted ringlets of golden hair. She was young. He lifted her chin. The body had none of the stiffness of postmortem. He stared at her lips. He may have imagined it but they seemed to have moved.
“Bright . . .” The whisper was a mere rustle of leaves in a breeze.
The fingers jerked and came to life, clutching at his hand.
“She’s not dead,” he called to Jo, relieved. “Send for the doctor. I’ll take her to the house.”
His sister ran out, calling for help, and he lifted the woman. She emitted a low groan. Her limbs had been locked in the same cramped position for so many days. Hugh propped her over the side of the gondola.
“Stay with me,” he encouraged. “Talk to me.”
Holding the woman in place, he clambered from the basket and then gently lifted her out, cradling her in his arms. She weighed next to nothing.
As they went out into the rain, he feared she was about to die. The exertion of trying to breathe showed on her face. He’d seen this on the battlefield. The final effort before death.
Starting up the path, he stumbled, not realizing the woman’s skirts were dragging on the ground. He staggered but caught himself before they went down. Her head lolled against his chest, her face gray and mask-like. She appeared to be slipping away. It would be a shame that she’d survived the crossing only to perish now.
A dagger point of anger pierced Hugh’s brain as he recalled another dismal day when he’d lifted two other bodies, wrapped in burial shrouds, from a wooden box.
“Talk to me,” he ordered. “Say something.”
As he made his way up the hill toward the house, a bolt of lightning streaked across the sky above Baronsford. Thunder shook the ground and the sky opened, unleashing fierce torrents of rain on them.
His wife. His son. Hugh hadn’t been there for them. They’d died as he and the British army were being chased by the French across Spain. He’d been trying to save his men’s lives, not knowing that those most precious to him were suffering.
“You’ve survived a horrifying ordeal. Give me the chance to save you.”
The woman struggled weakly in Hugh’s arms, and her head tipped back. He watched as her lips parted, welcoming the wetness of the falling rain.
“We’re almost there.”
“Bright . . .” she murmured.
He looked into her face and saw she was trying hard to open her eyes.
“Yes, brighter than that crate,” he said, encouraged by her effort. Any movement, however small, gave him hope. “And you’ve been in there for Lord knows how long.”

Tracy’s Review

Romancing the Scot (The Pennington Family, #1)Romancing the Scot by May McGoldrick

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this story, Hugh and Grace are wonderful characters that having you rooting for their HEA.

When Grace Ware finds her father and their servants dead and the villains still in the room, she runs. She hides in a shipping crate and ends up being sealed in.

When Hugh Pennington, Viscount Greysteil, Lord Justice of the Commissary Court, opens the crate housing his balloon gondola, the last thing he expects to find is an almost dead woman and a handful of American coins.

Grace wakes with a fever and doesn’t know where she is, in her delirium and tries to find her father. What she finds is Hugh in the library. In her fevered state, she doesn’t answer his questions, but does tell him her name is Grace. Since he found her, there have been more questions than answers, including who is she and why did she have an uncut diamond sewn into the lining of her gown?

Grace finally wakes and is horrified to learn that Hugh is the Lord Justice and she is in Scotland. Her Irish father was a commander for Napoleon and her mother’s family were Jacobites. Afraid to reveal her identity in fear of being imprisoned as a traitor, Grace feigns amnesia. But the ruse is hard to maintain, Grace has the gift of a photographic memory, she can remember every word she has ever read and pretending to have no memory is hard for her. She wants to trust Hugh and his sister Jo, but fear keeps her quiet. In addition, she has no idea how the diamond ended up in her possession and wonders if she has unintentionally become a conspirator with her father.

Hugh is intrigued by Grace and feels alive for the first time in years. His family believes he has a death wish and that he is overcome with grief after losing his young wife and son eight years ago. But what they don’t know is that guilt more than grief has kept him prisoner for all these years. Grace is the first woman he has ever met that stirs his soul.

Hugh does his best to protect Grace and as they get to know each other, something sparks between them. But Grace is still keeping secrets and Hugh has too much honor to start a relationship with a woman who might be spoken for. They continue to grow close, Grace challenges Hugh and he begins to change. When a nosy neighbor comes calling with her houseguest in tow, Jo tries to hide Grace by sending her off with Hugh, but the neighbor catches them on the road and Grace knows her time is running out, because the houseguest knows her true identity. Later Grace learns of Hugh’s wife and child, she is heartbroken and finally confesses who she is.

Hugh struggles with this knowledge, he also finally faces his past and knows without a doubt that Grace is the woman he wants in his life, no matter her past or her family. When the houseguest tries to lure Grace into a trap – Hugh knows that he loves her and will never let her go.

But there are forces at work that could ruin any future between them and secrets that must be discovered and set to right before they can even consider a HEA.

This was a fantastic story, well written and fast moving. The story has action, intrigue, secrets, steamy love scenes, wonderful secondary characters and a nail biting, sigh worthy ending.

I am happy to recommend this book and look forward to reading Jo’s story. FYI – The story of Hugh’s brother is already available in the anthology Christmas in Kilts!

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*

Highland Ruse by Madeline Martin

Highland RuseHighland Ruse by Madeline Martin

Series: Mercenary Maidens, #2

Release Date: November 14, 2017

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great follow up to Highland Spy!

Delilah is the middle child of fifteen and was sent to work for a relative in the English court. Soon after arriving and losing her virtue, Delilah is approached by a woman named Sylvi and offered the opportunity of a lifetime. With no options, Delilah agrees to work with Sylvi.

After years of training and working to prove herself, Delilah is finally embarking on her first solo mission. Her job is to act a decoy and apprehend the people who are trying to abduct Lady Elizabeth and to ensure that Lady Elizabeth reaches her betrothed without incident.

All goes according to plan and Delilah is taken captive by Kaid MacLeod, Laird of the MacLeod’s. Kaid mean Elizabeth no harm, but her betrothed, Seamus MacKenzie is another story. Haunted by the savage attack that left many in his village, including his father dead, Kaid needs a bargaining chip. He plans to ransom Elizabeth back to MacKenzie in exchange for his father’s sword and the hope of peace.

Delilah employs several tactics to delay their journey and tries to harden her heart against Kaid. But when one of her plans goes awry and Kaid cares for them and then later she witnesses his nightmares and learns the truth, she begins to have doubts about Elizabeth’s safety. Kaid tries to comfort Delilah and things start to heat up, but Kaid refuses to go any further. Kaid decides to leave the coach and travel on horseback, forcing Delilah to leave most of her possessions.

Worried that they will arrive too soon and ruin the plan, Delilah takes action and turns the tables on Kaid. Delilah tells Kaid who she is and proceeds to take him to Sylvi, but soon they cross onto Kaid’s lands and Delilah realizes she has lost her advantage.

Kaid approaches Delilah with a new plan, asking her to impersonate Lady Elizabeth and help him find the lost MacKenzie heir, Torra. He feels that if Torra is restored to her rightful position, there can be peace between the clans. At first Delilah refuses, but when she meets a young orphan girl named Claire and learns the horrors the MacKenzie brought to the MacLeod’s, she knows what she must do.

When things start to go bad, Kaid rushes to rescue the woman he loves. And Delilah turns to Sylvi for help. Things go from bad to worse and just when it seems all hope is lost, Ms. Martin is able to work a miracle and give Delilah and Kaid the HEA they deserve.

This book was well written, flowed non-stop from the first page until the last, there was action, sword fights, steamy love scenes, secrets, betrayals, heartache and moments when it seemed there was no way this was going to end well. There are cameos with Sylvi, Percy, Liv & Isabel as well as the introduction of several secondary characters that add so much depth to this story. This is the second book in the series, but it could easily be read as a standalone title. I am happy to recommend this book and look forward to the next book in the series Highland Wrath (Sylvi’s book!!!!)

*I am voluntarily leaving a review of an Uncorrected eARC provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*

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