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Hi, I’m Barbara and I absolutely love reading and reviewing books, it has been a life-long passion.  I’ve pulled many all-nighters because I just couldn’t put a book down.  My favorite genre is Historical Mysteries, but I’m also a great lover of Historical Romance.  I enjoy most historical periods up until about 1900.  I also prefer books set in Scotland, England and Ireland.   Of course, just to be confusing – I love J. D. Robb and Janet Evanovich —  and I will also frequently throw a cozy-mystery (set in my favorite locations) into the mix.

It would only be fair to point out that I like historical accuracy rather than what I call historical romance fantasy.  What I mean by that is – if you are writing in the Regency period, then make the book accurate to the period in forms of address, laws of primogeniture, chaperonage, etc.   And if you do choose to flaunt those social norms, then please show the social and personal consequences of those actions.

I do have a few ‘triggers’ in my hero/heroines.  Some of those triggers are adultery, cheating and physical abuse.  I’m not a big fan of really dark themes nor am I a fan of those deeply angsty stories.  I know everyone’s definition of ‘dark’ is different, but for me it is usually when something really bad and permanent happens to one of the main characters.  Another trigger is rape scenes.  I’m okay with mentioning it, but if a book starts describing it in detail – along with the terror, then I put the book down and don’t read any further.

While I love Historical Mysteries – I want some romance in those mysteries – and – I love a bit of mystery of some sort to solve in my romance.

I’m okay with most any level of ‘hotness’ in a love scene other than out-and-out porn.  I’m perfectly okay with books that don’t have any physical scenes in them or those that have graphic love scenes.

If you would like me to review your book, please feel free to email me at pompie1615@gmail.com – but first, be sure to check out our Review Request Page for a complete list the genres I’m willing to read and review.

In addition to this blog, I post my reviews at the locations below – as well as some others: