Review Request Guidelines and Contact Information

If you are a traditional publisher or an indie/traditionally published author and would like for us to review your book, please select the reviewer that best suits your genre and send her an email at one of the addresses below.

We are often quite stacked up in our review schedule, so please understand that we may not be able to accommodate a quick turn-around time.

We prefer finished works in Kindle format (.mobi), but will accept PDF format.

When you contact us, please include a brief description of the book and the publication date – or a date by which you need the review done.  You may also include the .mobi (or .pdf) file should you wish to do so.

Barbara is available for finished and beta reads in the following genres:
Historical Romance (All Eras through Edwardian, mostly set in Great Britain/Ireland/Scotland) – I’m not a Georgette Heyer fan, so wouldn’t be interested in comparable books.
Historical Mysteries (Tudor through Edwardian eras, set in Great Britain/Ireland/Scotland) – Think Sebastian St. Cyr, Lady Darby, etc.
Contemporary Mysteries – as long as they have a romance and aren’t dark.
Barbara does not accept:
• Contemporary Romance
• Paranormal Romance (historical or contemporary)
• LGBTQIA Romance
• Ménage Romance
• Time Travel Romance (not even historical)
• Non-Fiction
• Horror
Barbara can be contacted at

Tracy is available for finished and beta reads in the following genres:

  • Traditional Historical Romance (all eras through Victorian, set in any location)
  • Steampunk
  • Historical Paranormal Romance
  • Historical Gothic Romance

Tracy does not accept:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • LGBTQIA Romance
  • Ménage Romance
  • “Sweet/Clean” Romance (I like spice in my books)
  • Stories featuring Cheating/Adultery
  • Time Travel Romance (not even historicals)

Tracy can be contacted at