About Tracy

My name is Tracy and I am a ravenous reader of Historical Romance, I enjoy all historical eras from Ancient Britain through Victorian England.  I prefer Traditional Historicals, but I also occasionally enjoy reading Steampunk, Historical Gothic Romance and Historical Paranormal Romances.

While I do like the Historical Paranormal sub-genre, I do not like Time Travel books.  I also do not care to read books that feature the main characters cheating/committing adultery or are consistently physically abusive to the other.  As far as love scenes – the hotter the better in my opinion – I don’t want to read straight up porn, but graphic love scenes do not offend me.

If you are an author and would like me to review your book, please feel free to email me at tjemro@gmail.com, a complete list of the genres that I am willing to review is listed on our Review Request Page.

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I am a proud member of NetGalley and publish reviews as username: TracyJane


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