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A Lady’s Prerogative by Annabelle Anders – Release Day Blitz

Lord Love A Lady (Book 2)
´¨✫)´¨✫) A LADY’S
¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯ PREROGATIVE¸.•´¸.•*´¨)✯

Titled rakes can practically get away with murder, but one tiny little misstep and a debutante is sent away to the country. Which is where Lady Natalie Spencer is stuck after jilting her betrothed.
Frustrated with her banishment, she’s finished being a good girl and ready to be a little naughty.
Luckily she has brothers, one of whom has brought home his delightfully gorgeous friend.
After recently inheriting an earldom, Garrett Castleton is determined to turn over a new leaf and shed the roguish lifestyle he adopted years ago.
His friend’s sister, no matter how enticing, is out-of-bounds. He has a run-down estate to manage and tenants to save from destitution.
Can love find a compromise between the two, or will their stubbornness get them into even more trouble?

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lessons learned


“Do I pass muster then, my lady?” he asked, his black eyes hooded.
Such the rogue! Those damn eyes of his—along with the gravelly tone of his voice—sent shivers skating across her skin. He spoke as though he knew all her secrets. As though he knew the cravings she had when she lay alone in her bed…She tried to breathe deeply and concentrate on an appropriate response while a swarm of butterflies danced within her.
“Why would you not?” She attempted to muster her dignity. “You are my parents’ guest, my brother’s friend.” She opened her fan and waved it to cool the flush she felt creeping up her neck.
The earl looked her up and down in open appreciation. His perusal was thorough but not as sinister as it had always seemed in the past. “Perhaps you have forgotten that you must not be seen with me? Or am I no longer considered the pariah I was in London?” In spite of his cool charm, an edge laced his words, for both of them remembered their meeting in Hyde Park.
She dropped her fan and glared at him. “Perhaps a lady can change her mind…”

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The Duke of Lies by Darcy Burke


“Darcy Burke is synonymous with passionate, emotional romance. Her heroines are intelligent and strong, and her unforgettable heroes melt my heart. Darcy never fails to deliver hot, keeper-shelf historical romance.” – Erica Ridley, New York Times Bestselling Author

The Duke of Lies, an all-new historical standalone from USA Today bestselling author Darcy Burke, is coming May 29th!

AVAILABLE NOW1Verity Beaumont has suffered domineering men most of her life, first with her father and then with her husband. Free from both men, she has finally found peace. Even meeting a kind and hard-working gentleman who just might be the perfect father her young son so desperately needs. But as she dares look to the future, her carefully ordered world is shattered when her dead husband returns.

Imprisoned in America during the war, Rufus Beaumont, Duke of Blackburn, wants nothing more than to return to his native England. He longs for comfort and safety away from the horrors of battle, only the life he returns to is not the life he left. He must convince his wife that their marriage is worth fighting for, that he’s not the man he was. But when the truth about what happened to him leaks out, he must prove that not everything about him, especially his love for her, is a lie.

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Burke, Darcy- The Duke of Lies (final) 800 px @ 300 dpi high res


The day was warm and bright, and she was looking forward to being outside. The door she’d come through suddenly burst open. Beau dashed out, his laughter immediately filling the courtyard.

He was quickly followed by Rufus, who chased him along the edge of the garden to the center path. Beau didn’t slow as he rounded the corner, and his feet slipped on the cobblestones. He fell down, landing on his side.

Verity dropped the blanket and ran toward him, but Rufus beat her by quite a bit. It was then that she realized he hadn’t been using his top speed to chase the boy. She’d seen that when he’d caught Racer that day at Mr. Maynard’s farm.

Rufus picked Beau up and set him on his feet and squatted down in front of him.“All right?”

Verity had expected Beau to cry, and his face had gone slightly pale. She lowered herself next to Rufus.“Did that scare you?” she asked, stroking Beau’s arm from shoulder to elbow and back again.

Beau nodded. Then a moment later, he ran to the top of the stairs leading to the courtyard.“Come on, Papa, catch me!”

Rufus stood and offered his hand to Verity to help her rise. She wasn’t wearing gloves, and neither was he. It was the first time their flesh had touched, and it was like grabbing lightning. Or how she imagined it to be—electrifying and hot, and it left a lasting impression.

“Please don’t chase him down the stairs. He already fell once.” She turned to Beau and called,“Please be careful.”

“I am being careful, Mama. And don’t worry about the stairs. I ran down them to the kitchen passage and didn’t fall.”

She looked over at Rufus.“Is that right?”

His gaze drifted to the side, and he hesitated a moment.“Er, yes. We were playing knights and villains.”

“Which one were you?”

“It was my turn to be the knight.”

Verity frowned and shifted a glance toward Beau.“I don’t like thinking of my boy as a villain.”

“It’s pretend,” Rufus said.“But if it makes you feel better, he only chooses to be the villain because he likes to be chased.”

“Can’t the villain chase the knight?”

His mouth tipped into a crooked smile, and her stomach did a flip. It was as if lightning had struck again.“It’s pretend. We can do whatever we like.” He looked back toward the basket and the blanket on the ground.“I’ll get the things for the picnic.” He turned and started along the path.

“I can grab the blanket,” she offered.

He waved a hand.“I’ve got it.”

Verity went to Beau instead. She took his hand, and they descended into the courtyard, then veered right toward the gateway to the stable yard.“Perhaps I should play knights and villains.” She wondered why they hadn’t done that before and felt bad. It was a stark reminder of how much he’d missed not having a father.

“But you’re a girl.” Beau sounded scandalized.

Rufus met them as they approached the gate.“Whats wrong with your mother being a girl?”

“She wants to play knights and villains.” He made a face that clearly showed what he thought of that idea.

Verity was caught between laughter and disappointment.

“It would be better if she joined us,” Rufus said, drawing Beau’s sharp attention.“A knight needs a fair maiden to rescue.”

“Then I am definitely going to be the villain. I don’t wanna rescue a girl.” He frowned, then sent his mother an apologetic glance.  “Except I do want to save you, Mama.”

Verity surrendered to the laughter. “Thank you.”

“But Papa should be the one to save you. That’s what dukes do, right?”

“That’s what husbands do,” Rufus corrected,“whether they are a duke or not.”

Barbara’s Review

Lies!  Lies!  Lies!  There are enough lies to build a ladder to the moon.  It seems everyone, except our lovely heroine, Verity, and her delightful son, Beau, are filled with lies, betrayals, and secrets.  Can you build a life together when the relationship is filled with lies and deceit?  Well – You’ll just have to read this finely crafted book to find your answer.  This is a marvelously written roller-coaster ride of a book filled with more twists and turns than a Smoky Mountain highway.  Just when you think you have one thing figure out – you discover yet another unexpected twist and turn.

Verity Beaumont, Duchess of Blackburn, suffered more in her short time with Rufus Beaumont, Duke of Blackburn, than most people suffer in a lifetime.  Then, about three months into their marriage, he just disappeared from the face of the earth.  Nobody had any clue what happened to him, where he went or if he’d return.  Verity learned she was expecting soon after Rufus disappeared and she lived in fear for herself and her child.  After a few years, her fear lessened and she began to relax and build a life for herself and her son.

One lovely afternoon, Verity caught the sound of hoof beats on the drive and looked up to see her worst nightmare.  Her husband had returned.  How could she protect herself and her son from him?  Then he spoke to her in a kind manner.  What kind of tricks was he playing on her?  He soon told her how he had changed and how he had been kidnapped/conscripted to serve on a ship and how he was a better man.  Verity couldn’t believe it – and she certainly didn’t trust him.  If he could change from bad to good, then he could also change from good to bad.

You’ll just have to read this tale to see all of the twists for yourself.  Also, you should know that you will get a nice visit with Diana and Simon and some of the other Untouchables from the series.  Then, there is Beau – you’ll just fall in love with that delightful six-year-old who loves animals and wants to be a good duke someday.

I absolutely loved reading this book, but it is a nightmare to review because you can’t really say much without spoiling things for the reader.  Just know that the book is well written, the plot is sensational and you won’t be able to put it down once you start with the first word.  I’d say Ms. Burke has outdone herself this time.

740B2310 Darcy

About Darcy:

Darcy Burke is the USA Today Bestselling Author of sexy, emotional historical and contemporary romance. Darcy wrote her first book at age 11, a happily ever after about a swan addicted to magic and the female swan who loved him, with exceedingly poor illustrations. Join her reader club at A native Oregonian, Darcy lives on the edge of wine country with her guitar-strumming husband, their two hilarious kids who seem to have inherited the writing gene, two Bengal cats and a third cat named after a fruit.

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How to Tempt an Earl by Tina Gabrielle #BlogTour #Giveaway

Meet the Author:

Tina Gabrielle, an Amazon best-selling author, is an attorney and former mechanical engineer whose love of reading for pleasure helped her get through years of academia. She often picked up a romance and let her fantasies of knights in shining armor and lords and ladies carry her away. She is the author of adventurous Regency historical romances: A Spy Unmasked, At The Spy’s Pleasure, In The Barrister’s Bed, In The Barrister’s Chambers, Lady Of Scandal, and A Perfect Scandal from Entangled Publishing and Kensington Books. Tina’s books have been Barnes & Noble top picks, and her first book, Lady Of Scandal, was nominated as best first historical romance by Romantic Times Book Reviews. Tina loves to hear from readers. Please visit her website to join her newsletter and enter her free monthly contests and giveaways.

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About the Book:

London society is cruel for a young woman whose father is an avid gambler. Miss Grace Ashton is not one to stand idly by while her family becomes destitute. Donning a mask, she slips into the night and attends the infamous Raven Club to confront the proprietor. But nothing prepares her for the sinfully attractive and wealthy Ian Swift.

Ian is intrigued when Grace walks into his gambling club but refuses her offer of a few jewels to pay her father’s large debts. Unbeknownst to anyone, Ian has inherited the Earldom of Castleton, and he must reluctantly take his place in Society. But Ian’s manners as a gentleman have suffered. He needs a tutor, and he knows the exquisite lady standing before him is the answer.
But soon tutoring turns to flirting, which unfortunately lands both of them in…marriage?
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Tracy’s Review:

How to Tempt an EarlHow to Tempt an Earl by Tina Gabrielle
Release Date: May 15, 2018

Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Grace Ashton and Ian Swift, the Earl of Castleton, meet when Grace goes to the Raven to confront Ian.

Grace’s father, Baron Newbury has been gambling and has left his family on the brink of ruin. If not for Grace’s indomitable spirit and her keen intelligence, her family would have been destitute long ago.

Ian Swift has no desire to be earl, but at his mother’s insistence and for his younger sister’s sake, he agrees to try and take his place in society. But after ten years of living as he pleases outside the ton, he knows he needs help acclimating to polite company. Unable to forget the spitfire who demanded she refuse to let her father gamble at his club, he hatches a plan. He offers her a deal, she tutors him and he will forgive her father’s considerable debt. With no other choice, Grace accepts.

They meet in secret and she instructs him, they are drawn to each other, but Grace hates gambling and would never be with a man who owns a gambling club. And Ian is married to his club, no woman could ever compare and he will never give it up.

When these two are caught in a heated kiss by his mother and one of the tons biggest gossips, his mother demands that they marry. Ian knows Grace won’t marry him as long as he owns the club, so he tells her he will sell the club. But at the wedding breakfast, Grace overhears Ian and his mother arguing and she learns the truth – Ian will not sell the club, he didn’t want to marry her and if she gives him any trouble, he will ship her off to the country.

Enraged, Grace tells Ian that theirs will be a marriage in name only. He leaves her to go to his club, but returns to find her in his library – looking at the ledgers for the club. He seduces her and asks her to visit the club. She agrees and when they go, she understands the allure of the club, but she still hates gambling. Ian becomes concerned with his feelings for Grace and begins to distance himself during the day.

Things come to a head when Grace’s father is brought to the house bloodied and beaten. Grace loves Ian, but can no longer live this half life with him and issues an ultimatum – Grace or the Raven.

These two have a rough road to their HEA. They are both stubborn in their beliefs and nether is willing to give up their ideals for the other, secrets will be revealed, choices will be made and more than one tear will be shed before they finally decide love is worth the sacrifice. This book is a page turner, there are steamy love scenes, engaging secondary characters, secrets, lies and finally a HEA with an epilogue.

I enjoyed this story, but I think Grace caved to Ian way too quickly. But overall, it was a very good story and I would happily recommend it.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher.*

The Ghost of Glendale by Natalie Kleinman #BlogTour

Ghost-EBOOK-cvr TGoG (3 MB)

The Ghost of Glendale

At twenty-four years old, Phoebe Marcham is resigned to spinsterhood, unwilling to settle for anything less than the deep love her parents had shared. That is, until adventurer Duncan Armstrong rides into her home wood, larger than life and with laughter in his eyes and more charm in his little finger than anyone she’s ever met before. Far from ridiculing her family ghost, Duncan resolves to help solve the mystery which has left Simon Marcham a spirit in torment for two hundred years.

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Natalie Kleinman - Author Photo

Author Bio

Natalie is a published novelist and short story writer whose addiction to the books of Georgette Heyer and love of The Regency have been the inspiration for her latest book, The Ghost of Glendale.

Working on the premise that you never stop learning, she goes to any and every writing event and workshop she can. In addition she attends The Write Place Creative Writing School in Hextable in Kent, one of the rewards for which is an abundant supply of cream cakes to celebrate the frequent successes of its students.

Natalie is a member of the Romantic Novelists Association, The Society of Authors and the Society of Women Writers and Journalists. She lives with her husband in southeast London.

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A Duke Like No Other by Valerie Bowman #BlogTour & Giveaway!!


Duke Like No Other cover


First comes love, then comes marriage. Unless it’s the other way around. . .

General Mark Grimaldi has sacrificed everything for his military career, working his way through the ranks without the benefit of a nobleman’s title. Now, his years of dedication are about to pay off—with an offer for a prestigious promotion to Home Secretary. There’s only one condition: Mark must be married. Aside from the small matter of not actually wanting to be wed, Mark faces another troubling problem: he already has a wife.

Nicole Huntington Grimaldi has spent ten contented years in France without her husband—and without regret. When Mark asks her to return to London and play the part of his beloved wife, she sees her chance. But neither of them is prepared for news that will throw Mark’s future into chaos…nor the undeniable desire they’ve rekindled. Maybe happily-ever-after can happen the second time around in A Duke Like No Other, the next Regency romance from Valerie Bowman.

Valerie Bowman’s Playful Brides novels are:

“Wholly satisfying.”—USA Today

“Smart and sensual…readers will be captivated.”—RT Book Reviews

“Smoldering.” —Booklist

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For a chance to win a Mass Market Paperback copy of A Duke Like No Other, simply send an email to by midnight (EST) May 7, 2018 with Duke Like No Other Giveaway in the subject line – One lucky winner will be chosen at random on May 8, 2018. The winner will be contacted via email and the winner’s name (First Name Last Initial) posted on our Facebook Page and Twitter! This giveaway is only open to US Residents.



Mark quirked his mouth into a half smile. Nicole had always been direct. It was one of the things that had first drawn him to her. She wasn’t about to let him get away with arriving unannounced without admitting that he wanted something. Good, because he liked to be direct too. “You’re right. I do want something from you.”
“Say it.” She crossed one leg over the other and for the life of him he couldn’t stop staring at how those breeches hugged her long legs. Outside, he’d been slightly obsessed with how they hugged another part of her anatomy. And that shirt . . . the one that was exposing her chest in a way that made the back of his neck sweat. Leave it to Nicole to have her hair down and to be wearing breeches while riding around a French château on a horse named Atalanta. She’d been besting the comte in the race they’d been engaged in. That was also like her. She adored competition and hated to lose at anything. If he had any hope of her saying yes to his proposal, he needed to make certain he didn’t become her adversary . . . again.
He glanced around the drawing room. Outfitted in rose and cream silks with the occasional hint of green, the room was tastefully decorated. The château itself was large and well appointed without being ostentatious. She had access to his money but had never spent a shilling of it. No, this was all a result of her own money or her family’s.
He spread his arms wide along the back of the settee. “No reminiscing? No catching up? No discussing the good times?”
Her dark red eyebrow inched even higher. “Were there good times? I seem to recall those being few and far between.”
“There were a few.” In bed. He tugged at his collar.
She poked at the chignon on the back of her head. Only she could make a quickly put-together hair arrangement look effortlessly gorgeous. Several tendrils of the long red locks fell to frame her face, which wore a decidedly disgruntled look. “Out with it. I’m quite busy. I’m attending a dinner party this evening and I must dress.”
Mark bit the inside of his cheek but ultimately he couldn’t keep the comment that had sprung to his lips to himself. “A cleaner pair of breeches?” Damn, she looked good in those breeches. She looked good altogether. Better than good. The years had been kind to her. The fresh-faced plumpness of her cheeks had given way to a slenderness that made her cheekbones prominent. Her lips were still full and pink and inviting. Her hair luxurious, soft and smooth. Her eyes looked more world-weary, to be sure, but their sea-foam-green depths were still astute and intelligent. Her body was still trim and fit. Her thighs looked even fitter, probably from riding astride. Ahem. What he wouldn’t give to see those thighs once more, to have them wrapped tightly around his—
“Despite my present appearance, I do own a gown or two.” Her words snapped him out of his indecent line of thought. She gave him another tight smile.
He stood, crossed to the nearby sideboard, and poured himself a brandy. “Going to meet the comte again?”
“Careful,” came her throaty voice from the settee. “It’s nearly sounding as if you’re jealous.”
Still facing the sideboard, he cocked his head to the side. “Jealous? Whatever does that word mean?”
“The comte is a friend, nothing more.” Her voice sounded dismissive. He didn’t believe her, however.
Mark splashed more brandy into his glass. “I’m certain you’d tell me if he weren’t.”
“I’m certain you’d care.”
Mark turned back toward her and took a healthy swig of his drink. “A man doesn’t like to think of his wife in the bed of another.”
She actually rolled her eyes at that comment. “Oh, you’ve been celibate all these years then?” she countered, her voice dripping with skepticism.
He had been, but he’d die a slow death back in the French prison camp before he told her that. However, he wasn’t so unrealistic as to think Nicole would have remained untouched. They had agreed to part ways, hadn’t seen each other in ten years. She was a beautiful woman in the prime of her life. Still, the notion of punching the comte dead in the face held a great deal of appeal at the moment. “I’ve never been one to kiss and tell, love.”
She gave him a tight smile, which clearly indicated she didn’t believe him, either. “You’re a general now?” she asked abruptly, clearly ready to change the subject.
“I am.” He moved to the window and looked out across the lavender fields, one arm held behind his ramrod-straight back as if he were surveying a battlefield. The stance was still comfortable for him even after all these years of working for the Home Office.
“I suppose congratulations are in order.” The tea arrived and Nicole poured a cup for herself and splashed in a liberal amount of cream. He remembered that about her. She took her tea with no sugar, just cream.
“No congratulations needed,” he intoned, taking another swig of brandy.
The silver spoon she used to stir her tea clinked against the delicate china teacup. “I must admit, I’ve often wondered when I’d get a missive that you’d been killed.”
His chuckle was humorless. He turned to face her. “Such little faith in me? Or wishful thinking?”
“Neither,” she replied, lifting the cup to her pink lips. “Just a profound knowledge of how reckless you are.”
He inclined his head. “Used to be.”
“Really?” She raised a brow. “Is that why you’ve come? To tell me you’ve changed?”
He chuckled. “I haven’t changed that much.”
“I’m not surprised.” She set down her teacup and crossed her arms over her chest. “Tell me, Mark, why have you come?”
He saluted her with his glass, the amber-colored liquid shining in the afternoon sunlight. “You were right. I need a favor from you.”
She didn’t so much as bat an eyelash. “Of course you do. What’s the favor?” She picked up her cup once more and took a sip.
He downed the final splash of brandy and met her gaze. “I need you to return to England with me for a few months and pretend to be my loving wife.”

Copyright © 2018 by Valerie Bowman in A Duke Like No Other and reprinted by permission of St. Martin’s Paperbacks.

Valerie Bowman

Author Bio:

VALERIE BOWMAN grew up in Illinois with six sisters (she’s number seven) and a huge supply of historical romance novels. After a cold and snowy stint earning a degree in English with a minor in history at Smith College, she moved to Florida the first chance she got. Valerie now lives in Jacksonville with her family including her mini-schnauzer, Huckleberry. When she’s not writing, she keeps busy reading, traveling, or vacillating between watching crazy reality TV and PBS. She is the author of the Secret Brides and Playful Brides series.
Social Links:
Author Website
Twitter: @Valeriegbowman
Facebook @ValerieBowmanAuthor

Tracy’s Review:

A Duke Like No Other (Playful Brides)A Duke Like No Other by Valerie Bowman
Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Playful Brides, #9

Release Date: May 1, 2018

I really enjoyed this installment of the Playful Brides series.

General Mark Grimaldi wants nothing more than to be Home Secretary and it appears that he is a shoe in for the position, but there might be a snag – Lord Tottenham, the man making the decision wants a family man for the position. Good thing Mark has a wife – he just needs to go to France and convince her to come back to England and play at being his loving wife until he gets his promotion.

Lady Nicole Grimaldi has been in France for the last ten years, ever since her marriage fell apart. Now Mark is here asking her to return and help him. She will, but she wants something in return – a baby.

They come to an agreement and return to England. But the first night back, Mark is summoned to his uncle’s home. His uncle is the Duke of Colchester, a connection that Mark keeps hidden, a connection that ruined his marriage. He and Nicole arrive and learn that John, the Marquess of Coleford, the duke’s son is dead and Mark is the new heir. Mark refuses to accept this – he says he will renounce the title, but he agrees to look into John’s death.

He soon learns that John was murdered and with the help of Daffin Oakleaf, Bow Street Runner (and former colleague of Nicole’s) he sets out to find the murderer. They form a plan and set out for the duke’s country estate. While they are there, Nicole and Mark finally get to work on her condition.

Mark and Oakleaf interview the suspects and narrow down the list down to a couple of names, but it is Nicole and his cousin Lady Regina who break the case!

Nicole and Mark have gotten along and she is falling in love again, but they never address the past and when she overhears Mark speaking to his uncle, she knows she will have to leave.

This is a fast paced story, it is not perfect, but it is very entertaining. If you love reunited / second chance romance stories and are willing to overlook historical errors – this is the book for you. The author utilizes flashbacks to give the reader the backstory of Mark and Nicole, but they are very well done and blend seamlessly into the story, much to my surprise and delight (I am not a flashback fan), the love scenes are steamy, the mystery is good, the secondary characters are wonderful and the ending is sigh worthy.

This is the ninth book in the series, but it can easily be read as a standalone title. I would happily recommend this book, but if you are stickler for accuracy, you might have some issues with this book.

A Warriner to Seduce Her by Virginia Heath #BlogTour

A Warriner to Seduce Her

A Warriner to Seduce Her

A sensible schoolmistress… Awakened by the notorious rake!
In this The Wild Warriners story, schoolmistress Felicity Blunt feels old beyond her years―and desperately dull. Meeting confirmed rake Jacob Warriner brings her gloriously alive, and yet no matter his allure she must remain immune to his obvious charms and unashamed flirtation. But is Jacob merely a mischievous scoundrel? Or is there much more to this Warriner than meets the eye…?


A Warriner To Seduce Her - Virginia Heath - Copy

Author Bio

When Virginia Heath was a little girl it took her ages to fall asleep, so she made up stories in her head to help pass the time while she was staring at the ceiling. As she got older, the stories became more complicated, sometimes taking weeks to get to the happy ending. Then one day, she decided to embrace the insomnia and start writing them down. Fortunately, the lovely people at Harlequin Mills & Boon took pity on her and decided to publish her romances, but it still takes her forever to fall asleep.
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Tracy’s Review

A Warriner to Seduce Her (The Wild Warriners #4)A Warriner to Seduce Her by Virginia Heath
Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Wild Warriners, #4

Release Date: May 1, 2018

Not having read the previous books in the series, I think some of the “WOW” power was lost on me – Don’t misunderstand, this was an excellent story and I loved Jake & Fliss, but I must have missed out on the build up to Jake’s story by not reading the previous books (something I mean to correct as soon as possible).

Jake Warriner is the youngest of the Wild Warriners. He is a rake and loving every minute of it, much to the dismay of his older brothers. He has never met a woman that has captured his attention for more that a tumble and never one that would make him risk his heart. That is until he meets Felicity “Fliss” Blunt in a darken alcove.

Fliss is in London for the season, out of the blue her uncle contacted her and said that he promised her mother he would give her a season. Long past the age of the typical debutante, Fliss the spectacle wearing, blunt by name and nature, schoolmistress from Cumbria has no patience for the antics of the ton and even less for too-good-looking-for-their-own-good rakes. But a chance meeting in Almack’s will change her life forever.

This is a well written book, that flows nicely and has a little bit of everything, great secondary characters, evil villains, lies, secrets, betrayal, danger, a no-nonsense heroine, an underestimated hero, an outstanding declaration scene, warm love scenes and a very sweet epilogue.

I haven’t read the previous books, but I had no problem following the story and if anything, this book made me want to read the other brother’s stories! I would happily recommend this book and look forward to future books by Ms. Heath.


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A Rake’s Ruin by Maggie Dallen Blog Tour


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Only the wildest woman can ruin a devilish lord…

Claire is the dutiful, proper Cleveland sister, and the only one who’s not embroiled in a scandal. Until now. With her sister’s marriage to an earl, the weight of responsibility to save her family has been lifted from her shoulders, and for the first time in her life, Claire is free. A rebelliousness she’s long denied has her acting out in ways she would never have imagined. Like chasing her brother through the dark streets of London… and kissing her brother’s best friend and notorious rake, Lord Nicholas.

Nicholas thought he knew everything there was to know about his friend’s proper and boring younger sister. Beautiful though she might be, Claire holds no allure for the worldly rogue. At least, not until he holds her in his arms. Could this passionate, daring, feisty woman be the same Claire Cleveland with the simpering smiles? Even more alarming, has the woman of his heart been right in front of his eyes this whole time? He may be late to realize that there is more to Claire than meets the eye, but now that he’s seen her true nature, he’ll do anything to keep her by his side. Even if that means marrying her.

Barbara’s Review:

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
Series: A Rake’s Ruin
Publication Date: 4/10/18

I first met Claire Cleveland in the Earl of Davenport (Wicked Earl’s series) and I just knew those still waters must run deep – and they surely do. This is Dallen’s second Regency novel and she’s coming along nicely in the genre. There were still some timeline issues, but other than that I think she pretty much nailed it. It is a sweet and very short read that is well written and well plotted. There is little if any conflict in this book and that is perfectly fine with me.

Claire was raised to be the savior of her family. She was the pretty one, the one who was going to marry well and save her family from financial ruin and give them a connection to the aristocracy. She is the one who got the pretty dresses, the latest hairstyles, and the most attention while her siblings got her hand-me-downs. You might think that would make her self-centered, arrogant and condescending, but it didn’t. What it made her was – numb. She shut down all feelings and desires to become the perfect simpering, biddable ton miss. Nothing ever rattled her at an event – she always acted with complete decorum – almost as if she felt nothing.

When Claire’s sister Anne married the Earl of Davenport, the family was saved. Now, Claire isn’t sure what her role is or even who she is. Anne keeps telling Claire that she is now free to marry when and where she wants or not marry at all, but the message hadn’t really sunk in – until the night of Anne’s first ball. Then, it suddenly hits her – she’s free and she is giddy with that realization. She can actually be something other than perfect – and she giggles and she smiles… She even considers saying something impolite. Then, she sees her brother Jed and heads toward him only to overhear him talking with his best friend about leaving the ball. She asks where he’s going, but he won’t tell her. The old Claire would have docilely stayed where she was and just worried about what he was going to do. However, the new and improved Claire had to know where he was going – so she does what any other young lady would do – she follows him, right to a gaming hell in a seedy part of London.

Lord Nicholas Galwin, the best friend of Jed, notices that a coach has followed them to the gaming hell. While Jed goes inside, Galwin goes to confront whoever followed them. Shock, amazement, and awe await him as the coach door opens and Claire steps out. What! Demure and biddable Claire has followed them, unaccompanied, to a gaming hell. He’d always sort of suspected that there was more to Claire than she let the world see, but the spitfire who greeted him was awesome. They had themselves quite a row and a mind-blowing kiss – and the story is off and running.

One thing that would have made it better for me would have been mending the rift between Jed and Galwin. They had been best friends since childhood and to leave them in a strained relationship just wasn’t right. It would have been an easy fix and the book had plenty of room to add that to the story. The perfect time would have been the afternoon before the wedding, just after she had spoken with her sisters.

This was a lovely read and I’ll definitely be looking forward to Georgie’s story.

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He saw her skirts first, bursting through the carriage door in an explosion of crinoline and silk. Pale blue silk, just like Claire Cleveland had been wearing.

No, it couldn’t be. She would never.

Then came blonde ringlets and those long white gloves. He knew those curls, he recognized the gloves, and the dress should have given it away completely. But he still couldn’t quite believe his eyes.

It couldn’t be. Claire Cleveland would never do something so rash.

But then she was out of the carriage, without any assistance from him or the driver. She glanced in the opposite direction before turning to face him.

There was no denying it now. She stood before him in all her magnificent glory. There were clear, bright blue eyes and those beautiful, lush rose red lips.

And yes, there was the scowl he knew so well.

“What are you doing here, Miss Cleveland?” He kept his voice hushed. The last thing he needed was to call attention to the fact that a lovely, young, unattached woman was here. With him. In an alley.

He peered past her. “Who let you come here?”

“No one.” She shrugged, tilting her chin up higher. “I brought myself.”

He gaped at her. “You brought yourself,” he repeated slowly. The words shocked him so thoroughly that all he seemed to be able to think about was how beautiful her eyes looked when they glittered with mischievous determination. Shaking his head, he tried to focus on the urgent matter of her being in an alley. Alone. With him. “What are you doing here?”

She ignored the question, leaning slightly to peer around him. “Where is Jed?”

Ah. So that was it. Some of his questions were answered then and there. She’d come to save Jed.

How very…naïve. Sweet, he supposed. He couldn’t imagine either of his elder married sisters rushing after him if they thought him to be heading into trouble. In fact, he couldn’t imagine them rushing anywhere for anyone for any reason unless perhaps it entailed buying a new gown. Yes, he could see them hurrying if it meant winning their ceaseless quest to be deemed the best dressed in the gossip rags.

Claire’s eyes were darting around the alley as though Jed might be hiding behind that pile of rubbish.

“I’m afraid you’ve missed him, love.” He watched with some amusement as her eyes narrowed and her lips pursed at the term of endearment. Lord, but it was fun to tease this one. He’d always taken an inordinate amount of pleasure out of teasing Claire, but tonight? Tonight there was something different about her. Tonight he actually managed to provoke a response.

And tonight, he reminded himself, this little twit had put herself in harm’s way by coming to a terrible neighborhood alone at night. Alone.

He reached for her arm, steering her back toward the carriage so she would be out of view. “What were you thinking coming here by yourself?” he scolded. The schoolmarm tone in his voice was perhaps more alarming to him than to her.

Claire was acting rebellious and he was the one scolding her. Had the world tipped over and turned upside down? Surely that was the only explanation for this reversal of roles.

Shaking off his grip, she tilted her chin up once more. “I am not leaving here without my brother.”

He stared. And then he stared some more. This could not be Claire Cleveland. “Who are you and what have you done with Miss Cleveland?”

She narrowed her eyes further so she was glaring at him through slits. “I am Miss Cleveland, you fool. And stop trying to distract me. I am here to retrieve Jed and I am not returning home without him.” Her voice rose as she spoke until she was shouting that last bit.

His mouth fell open and for the life of him, he wasn’t certain whether he wanted to laugh or shout back.

Claire shouting? What in God’s name had come over her?

She tried to take advantage of his shock by darting around him. Claire was small, but he’d never thought of her as wily until this moment. He had to spin around quickly to snag her, and even then it was like holding on to a slippery creature as she wiggled and writhed in his arms trying to free herself.

“Just hold still, you little heathen,” he muttered.

“Oh, I’m the heathen? That’s rich,” she said, her voice coming in pants as she fought against his arms, which he’d managed to wrap tightly around her upper body in an odd embrace that fell somewhere between a hug and a wrestling hold.

He tightened his grip so her arms were pinned to her sides, but that didn’t stop her lower body from wiggling against him and his body responded, apparently completely unaware that this was a struggle, not an embrace.

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