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Tracy & Barbara’s Mystery, Suspense and Other Favorites for 2017

Yesterday, we shared our favorite Historical Romances published in 2017.  Today, we’d like to share our favorites from other genres and novellas that were published in 2017.  Just click on the picture of the cover to see our review of the book!

Barbara’s Favorite Mystery and Suspense for 2017

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Tracy’s Favorite Novellas & Subgenre Favorites for 2017

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Where The Dead Lie By C. S. Harris – Posted 04/17/2017

Where the Dead Lie (Sebastian St. Cyr, #12)Where the Dead Lie by C.S. Harris

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Sebastian St. Cyr #12

Another outstanding Sebastian St. Cyr mystery. The mystery itself was chilling and I’m glad that the descriptions weren’t too graphic. I did miss the appearance of real historical characters – like Ben Franklin’s son and Jane Austen, etc. — Jane Austen’s brothers bank was at least mentioned in passing.

I won’t do a blow-by-blow of the story — because then you wouldn’t need to read it — and I really think you need to read it!!!

What did I like:
– I love the relationship between Sebastian and Hero. They can read each other so well — and they are open and honest with each other.
– I was so happy to see that Sebastian and Hendon had a real heart-to-heart talk and maybe have resolved their differences.

What did I NOT like:
– Hero’s mom dies
– The second murderer didn’t get his comeuppance!

What am I a bit apprehensive about regarding the series future:
– I appears that the author introduced two (or maybe three) new ongoing threads in the series. Each book is already pretty busy with things going on, plus there is already the ongoing issue of Sebastian’s parentage. I just hope it doesn’t get so busy with the ongoing threads that you begin to feel like a pinball machine.
—- We have the addition of Cousin Victoria, Hero’s unease with the cousin, and the fact that Lord Jarvis seems to REALLY like the cousin. Makes you wonder if Jarvis kills his wife so he can have the cousin OR if the cousin kills her in order to get Jarvis – maybe as payback for something he’s done to somebody she loves or because she’s a French spy or — well — something.
—- We also have Sebastian’s niece’s marriage to somebody that Sebastian knows is a pervert and a murder. He was the partner in this book’s crimes, but Sebastian couldn’t prove it. So — we know we’ll be seeing more of him.

Anyway — I LOVED the book and can’t wait for the next one — I just hope it doesn’t get too distractingly busy.

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