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Dark In Death by J. D. Robb

Dark in Death (In Death, #46)Dark in Death by J.D. Robb

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: In Death #46
Publication Date: 1/30/18

I can’t believe we’re at the forty-sixth book in the series and it hasn’t begun to be repetitive or stale. Each new book is as interesting and exciting as all those that came before it! As each new release approaches, I promise myself I’ll read it in stages and savor each section – but – when the release occurs – I devour it – in one sitting. I’m so ashamed ….

I always purchase these books with the Whispersync option because I absolutely LOVE Susan Eriksen as the narrator. Her range is phenomenal and she makes you believe whatever emotion she’s conveying. It is worth listening just to hear her say “Darlin’ Eve” as Roarke. Goodness, she does them well!

Each mystery is new and interesting. They are well plotted and excellently written. The suspense builds and builds until the final climactic moment when the killer is caught. Eve Dallas is a no-nonsense cop who always ‘Stands for the Dead’. When someone is murdered, no matter how despicable they are, they belong to Eve and she will stand for them and find their murderer.

Then, there is Roarke. He’s a reformed thief, a gazillionaire and Eve’s husband. Then, you add drop-dead gorgeous with a lilting Irish accent and you definitely have a drool factor. I just love how much Eve and Roarke love each other and I am so happy I’ve gotten to watch that love grow and mature since the first book.

Someone is killing people in New York in New York City. This time, they are following the murders in a set of police procedural novels – but – they are slightly re-writing them. The changes are small and subtle, but they are different none-the-less. The murderer is changing the mistakes that the book murderer made that allowed him/her to be caught. Can Eve catch them before they go through the entire series and begin writing their own plots? It will take Eve, Roarke, Peabody, McNab and the rest of the crew to figure it out and solve the crime(s).

If you want a want a wonderful series to read, this one should be at the top of your list! It is filled with humor – Eve can really butcher some of those ‘old sayings’ we all hear every day. You’ll be intrigued by all of the gadgets and lifestyles in the book – there are some really cool things there – like an AutoChef that you program for the meals you want.

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Tracy & Barbara’s Mystery, Suspense and Other Favorites for 2017

Yesterday, we shared our favorite Historical Romances published in 2017.  Today, we’d like to share our favorites from other genres and novellas that were published in 2017.  Just click on the picture of the cover to see our review of the book!

Barbara’s Favorite Mystery and Suspense for 2017

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Tracy’s Favorite Novellas & Subgenre Favorites for 2017

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Secrets In Death by J. D. Robb

Secrets in Death (In Death, #45)Secrets in Death by J.D. Robb

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: In Death
Publication Date: 9/5/17

This is still my favorite series even after 45 books. After this many books, you’d think the series would begin to be stale – but it isn’t. Each new book is as exciting and interesting as the previous one. This one is more like a police procedural than most others have been. Eve and Roarke aren’t running at breakneck speed trying to catch a psychotic serial killer, terrorist, etc., they are following the clues step-by-step and it is great to have a slower pace and see how the two of them play off each other. It is so nice to see that Eve is settling into the ‘Marriage Thing’ as she calls it. Of course, Roarke, being the most romantic hero ever, makes it easy.

Larinda Mars (I think we met her at the beginning of the series – book #2 maybe) doesn’t have a single redeeming quality, but she doesn’t deserve to be murdered – especially right in front of Lieutenant Eve Dallas, NYPSD. Eve had finally agreed to have an after-work drink with Garnet DeWinter, a forensic anthropologist, at a trendy nightspot. As Eve enters Du Vin she notices Larinda sitting at a table with a male and the next time she sees Larinda she is staggering, bumping into people and – bleeding – a lot. She falls to the floor and dies almost instantly.

Larinda is a gossip show host on the same channel with Nadine Furst. However, her real talent is discovering people’s secrets and threatening them with exposure. Eve doesn’t like her and she likes her less and less as she learns more about her. Eve always stands for the dead and she’ll stand for Larinda whether she likes her or not.

I bought the Whispersync narration to go along with the written text because Susan Erickson does such an awesome job. It is worth every penny just to hear her say – as Roarke – “Darlin’ Eve” in that soft Irish accent. It just gives you shivers!

This is a great book – and it could be read as a stand-alone, but you will be missing so much. This is one series that I definitely recommend reading from the beginning just to get the growth of Eve and Roarke’s relationship, backgrounds and the friendships they form with the supporting characters.

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