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Buried in Books by Kate Carlisle

Buried in Books (A Bibliophile Mystery, #12)Buried in Books by Kate Carlisle

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Bibliophile Mystery #12
Publication Date: 6/26/18

Each book in this wonderful series is better than the last! The series is populated with so many wonderful, funny and quirky characters that you just want to plan a huge dinner and invite them all over! The books are filled with humor and such wonderful descriptions of San Francisco that you feel as if you live there yourself. Great writing, great humor, great mystery and a lovely romance the series, and this book has them all!

Brooklyn and Derek’s wedding is just days away. All of the arrangements are made and she even has her bags packed for their honeymoon in Paris. So, what is she to do to fill the few days until the big event? Well, she’s going to attend and do a workshop, a talk and a Book Lovers Tour of San Francisco for twenty contest winners at the National Librarians Association conference held just a few blocks from her home. That should surely keep the wedding jitters away. NOT.

While on the convention floor, she is greeted by an old graduate school friend, Heather, that she hasn’t spoken to in over twelve years. Brooklyn is not sure how she feels about seeing Heather because their friendship didn’t end well. Once, Brooklyn, Heather, and Sara we the best of friends and were known as The Three Musketeers. Then, Sara stole Heather’s boyfriend and the friendship was fractured beyond repair.

Leave it to Brooklyn to end up trying to help solve a murder before she says her wedding vows when one of her friends ends up dead and another is a suspect. Can Brooklyn and Derek solve the murder and still make it to the altar on time? You’ll just have to read this delightful book to find out.

One of the things I loved about the book was how absolutely joyous Brooklyn was as she looked forward to her marriage. There is no second-guessing in that relationship. If you add Derek’s delightful family to Brooklyn’s sweet, quirky one – you have a marriage and family made in heaven.

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Tracy & Barbara’s Mystery, Suspense and Other Favorites for 2017

Yesterday, we shared our favorite Historical Romances published in 2017.  Today, we’d like to share our favorites from other genres and novellas that were published in 2017.  Just click on the picture of the cover to see our review of the book!

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Once Upon A Spine By Kate Carlisle

Once Upon a Spine (Bibliophile Mystery #11)Once Upon a Spine by Kate Carlisle

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Bibliophile Mystery
Publication Date: June 6, 2017

ONCE UPON A SPINE is the eleventh book in the Bibliophile Mystery series by Kate Carlisle. I seem to enjoy this series more and more with each new book. Brooklyn grows and matures more with each book and her relationship with the handsome, debonair Derek is heading toward the next level with their upcoming wedding. I can hardly wait!

I love books – and this is a book (and series) about books – what could be more perfect. Brooklyn is a book binder and antiquarian and each book in the series centers around a rare edition. This one features rare, first edition copies of ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

Brooklyn and Derek love their neighborhood and certainly don’t want it to change and become urbanized, so when the lovely group of businesses across from their apartment are vandalized and then a murder happens they simply MUST investigate. The businesses have been tagged by graffiti and nobody can catch the culprit. Then, when the cobbler is murdered things really heat up.

To add to the stress and confusion, Derek’s parents are visiting from England. This is the first time Brooklyn has met her future in-laws and she has been stressing out over it. Her main stressor isn’t meeting them, it is worrying about their reaction to her whacky, flower-child mother. She expects them to be very nice, but stuffy, dignified and very proper English parents. Boy does she get a surprise.

There are suspects aplenty for the murder and Brooklyn, Derek and both sets of parents are knee deep in investigating. Who in the world would have wanted to murder the very nice, sweet cobbler? Was the cobbler the real target of the murderer? Is someone trying to scare the business owners into closing their businesses so real estate developers can take over? Where did these extremely rare copies of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ come from and who really owns them? So many things to investigate and so little time to do it.

The only thing I didn’t care as much for in this book is that Brooklyn’s mom wasn’t her normal wacky self. She only did one ‘spell of protection’ and that was done very calmly with none of the weird stuff she usually does along with it. She’s usually way over the top for my taste, but this time she was too subdued. I know – no pleasing me.

This is a delightful addition to the series and I recommend it if you enjoy mysteries and romance.

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