Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands

Falling for the Highlander (Highlanders, #4)Falling for the Highlander by Lynsay Sands
Series: Highlanders, #4
Release Date: 01/31/17

Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this book, but I will be honest – it has been so long between books in this series, that I honestly don’t remember reading about Murine in the previous novels.

Murine has been living with her half-brother in England since her father died the previous year. She is not happy in his home and feels isolated – she has not heard from her friends since she moved and is beginning to wonder if they are getting her messages. When she learns that a group of Scotsmen are coming to see her brother, she wonders if she can convince one of them to carry her message to Saidh.

Dougall has come to England to sell horses to Murine’s brother. When her brother cannot produce the coin to pay, he offers Dougall his sister in exchange – not to marry, just to “use” until he feels the debt is repaid. Dougall is outraged and disgusted by the offer and refuses. When her brother suggests that they wait a day because he is sure his neighbor would pay to use his sister – Dougall makes it clear that even if Montrose got the money, Dougall would never sell his horses to him. He and his brothers immediately leave the castle and travel to the village.

Murine is humiliated and appalled by her brother’s offer and knows that he will sell her – she decides that she must leave and travel to Saidh’s home and hope that she can help her.

When she meets up with Dougall and his brothers on the road – they are surprised to learn that she is their sister Saidh’s friend – the very friend that saved her life! They agree to take her to Saidh and protect her from her brother. Before they can start out – men from her brother’s castle come looking for her and Dougall orders his brothers to hide her. While hiding, Murine faints, Dougall takes her up on his horse and holds her so tightly, that each time she comes to, she faints again from lack of air. When they finally stop to rest the horses – it is amusing to see Dougall and his brothers doting on Murine.

The trip to Scotland is plagued with “accidents” which Dougall believes are caused by Murine’s tendency to faint – even when she insists that she did not faint. Dougall and his brother’s agree that Murine must be saved from her brother and think that she should marry as soon as possible. Several of the brothers offer, and even though he is not in the market for a wife – Dougall doesn’t want anyone but him to marry her. There is a bit of a misunderstanding between Murine and Dougall after they kiss.

They realize that they are being followed just before they reach their home and Murine is injured – Once they arrive in the gates – Dougall announces that he is going to marry Murine. But first she must be tended. While Murine is recovering – Dougall and his brothers learn that Murine’s brother is nearby and looking for her – Dougall takes Murine into hiding and their relationship begins to blossom.

It appears that these two will get their HEA, but first they will have to solve the mystery of who is trying to kill them and why.

This was a good book, it is well written and flows nicely, the love scenes were steamy, the mystery was well done and while it was amusing, it was not nearly as funny as previous books by Ms. Sands. I especially enjoyed catching up with Saidh and Greer and Dougall’s brothers are always entertaining (seriously hope they all get a book!) I would be happy to recommend this book and am looking forward to the next installment in the series.

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