Alibis Can Be Murder by Connie Shelton

Alibis can be Murder (Charlie Parker #17)Alibis can be Murder by Connie Shelton

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Charlie Parker #17
Publication Date: 6/4/17

Connie Shelton creates warm, very relatable characters in this series and you come to care about them as friends. You love spending time with them and sharing their adventures. Shelton’s descriptions of Albuquerque and New Mexico pull you right in and make you feel like you are seeing that mountain or hiking down that trail. These books are all excellently written.

We learn a bit more about Charlie’s history after her parents died. There are several flashback paragraphs that go back to those years after she was orphaned and was living with an elderly neighbor. I love how ‘gram’ dealt with the teenage Charlie who was, of course, straining to free herself from her bonds. Then, you see the two of them fifteen years later and they are as close and loving as a real grandmother and grandchild.

The relationship between Drake and Charlie is really special. He is a man who isn’t threatened by a strong woman and is happy to let her be herself. Yes, he worries for her safety at times, but then she worries for his as well. He isn’t over protective and doesn’t try to tell her what to do. They have a really great partnership.

Charlie owns RJP Investigations with her brother Ron. Ron is a licensed private investigator and Charlie is a CPA who takes care of their books (as well as the books for Drake’s helicopter business). Although Charlie isn’t supposed to be an investigator, she often gets sucked into Ron’s cases for one reason or another.

We have two cases this time – one involves a retired football quarterback and the other involves Charlie’s young neighbor that she used to babysit. The football player’s case has Ron trying to track down a very valuable Superbowl ring. In that one, you have infidelity, disrespect, and a swindler that is way over the top. The neighbor’s case has Charlie trying to assure that both of her young twin neighbors are well. Gram is sure that there is a problem because she hasn’t seen the once inseparable twins together in months. Charlie thinks the girl may just have run away and the twin is covering for her – but – she is young and Charlie wants to assure she is safe. In that one, you have disinterested parents, bullying, sexting and many other unsavory things.

I hope you’ll read this story and enjoy it as much as I have. I would really suggest that you read the books in order because you will come to know and understand all of the characters so much better if you do. You could read this one as a stand-alone book and enjoy it, but having all of that background just adds to the enjoyment.

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