Never Kiss a Highlander by Michele Sinclair

Never Kiss a HighlanderNever Kiss a Highlander by Michele Sinclair
Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Release Date: July 25, 2017

Series: The McTiernay’s, #6

Twelve years ago Hamish left his home, his love and his birthright because it was clear the woman he loved was in love with his brother Robert. Hamish left and joined the McTiernay’s elite guard and has refused to return home ever since.

Over the years his brother Robert has tried to get Hamish to return home and each time Hamish has refused. In an effort to finally cut ties with his brother, Hamish agrees to temporarily return and help his brother. Since the marriage of yet another McTiernay brother to yet another woman Hamish thought he could love, he is ready for a change of scenery. Helping his brother rid himself of his backstabbing commander Ulrick is just what he needs.

Maired is the younger sister of Selah, Robert’s wife and Hamish’s former betrothed. She is eager for Hamish’s return and is shocked by the man who arrives….alone. Maired was expecting an army of McTiernay warriors and is dismayed that Hamish has arrived alone and has made it clear that he has no intention of involving the McTiernay’s in this matter.

If Maired is shocked by Hamish, it is nothing compared to his reaction to her, she is no longer the little girl he remembered, but a fully grown beautiful, spirited woman and for the first time in months Hamish is interested, very interested. But since he has no desire to stay, he will just ignore his lust, at least that was the plan 🙂

As Maired and Hamish grow closer, the more the passion simmers between them and after a mind melting kiss – which of course they both agree will never be repeated, they begin to fall in love. It is apparent to the reader that these two are meant to be, but it takes them considerably longer to figure that out.

Hamish realizes that he loves Maired and he also realizes that contrary to what he thought, he has never actually been in love before. But he still refuses to act on his feelings because he doesn’t plan on staying and he “knows” that Maired will not leave her family.

At times I wondered if these two would ever stop making assumptions about each other and finally talk, but the slow build up in their relationship really worked in this story. And when they finally marry, I was ecstatic! Even better, the story doesn’t end there! The threat of Ulrick still has to be dealt with and Ms. Sinclair throws the reader a curve ball. I will admit, after the build up to the return of Ulrick, I thought it was kind of anticlimactic and I thought to myself – that’s it, seriously? Well it wasn’t! Ms. Sinclair still had a few surprises for her readers which include a visit from Conor and Laurel!

This book was well written, flowed at a really nice pace, had lots of twists and turns, sibling spats, multiple weddings, steamy love scenes, surprises galore, a soulmate type of love and a wonderful HEA.

This is the sixth book in the McTiernay’s series, but I think it could be read as a stand alone title with no problem, although you would probably have a better understanding of Hamish if you at least read the prior book “Seducing the Highlander”. I loved this book and would happily recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great Highlander story!

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by NetGalley and the publisher*

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