Francie & the Bachelor by Sue London

Francie & the Bachelor: A Caversham-Haberdasher CrossoverFrancie & the Bachelor: A Caversham-Haberdasher Crossover by Sue London
Tracy’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Release Date: August 08, 2017

Series: Caversham-Haberdasher Crossover, #2

I really liked this installment of the Caversham-Haberdasher Crossover.

We were introduced to Francie and Reggie in the first book – Phoebe and the Doctor. And this book starts with the same scene, but this time it is from Francie and Reggie’s perspective.

The story again opens with Francie accidently shooting Reggie. Reggie and Harry have come to bring her cousin Wally’s effects to Phoebe and check on the girls wellbeing before Reggie heads out to Bermuda and Harry goes to Scotland.

When they learn of Phoebe’s problems, Harry offers to escort her to London, but doesn’t want to leave Francie alone with the thugs stilling hanging around, so it is decided that Reggie will stay with her. At first these two dance around each other, but after a couple of days, they form a friendship of sorts. Each harbors an attraction to the other, but they are both determined to ignore it. When things begin to heat up between the two of them, Reggie decides that he will marry Francie and he has a plan. Unfortunately, Francie is not privy to the “plan” and assumes that Reggie wants her as his mistress. When the thugs make a move against Francie, Reggie puts his plan in motion and takes her to London.

I really liked a lot of things about this book, the first being that they declared themselves well before the end of the book. I also loved that all the Haberdashers (including Jack’s sister Sam) and their husbands where included in the story.

The book was not perfect, it is a bit slow to get going, there are some typos, some incorrect formal address and no real conflict. But, it is well written, has steamy love scenes, Sue London’s signature witty banter and Haberdashers! So overall, it was a fun read and I would be happy to recommend it.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC I received from the author*

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