The Cheer In Charming An Earl (Audiobook) by Emma Locke

The Cheer in Charming an Earl (The Naughty Girls, #3.5)The Cheer in Charming an Earl by Emma Locke

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Series: The Naughty Girls #3.5

The narrator, Marian Hussey, has a lively, compelling interpretation of the voices of the characters and you can hear the wit and liveliness in her voice as the banter takes place. She definitely made a less than stellar story worth listening to.

I did enjoy the story, but if you are looking for historical accuracy to the time period, you will be grossly disappointed. You just have to suspend your beliefs to make the story work for you. The heroine is the daughter and sister of the village blacksmith and yet she’s going to end up with an Earl. I’m sorry, but to me, that just isn’t believable. Had she been the impoverished daughter of some local gentry or something I MIGHT be able to buy it – but the blacksmith’s sister and the Earl just doesn’t do it for me. They also do not adhere to the correct forms of address in this book. So, while I liked the story, it was not believable for the time period – 1814.

I did like Elinor Conley who has the far-fetched dream of becoming a lady. She is so totally naive that it is unbelievable. As she looks out the window of their small home, she sees a flaxen-haired gentleman getting his horse shod at her brother’s smithy. He’s quite an eye full and she just has to find out more about him. As she reads about him in the gossip columns, she devises a plan to meet him – and when she does, he’ll fall instantly in love with her and they’ll marry.

Grantham Wendell, Earl of Chilford, doesn’t deal well with Christmas. He lost his much-loved younger sister at Christmas time five years ago. Now, he’s all alone in the world – no family at all – not even distant cousins. So, to fill the hours and try to forget each Christmas, he has what is basically a month-long orgy at his home in Yorkshire. He fills it with debauched, rakish male friends and light-skirts. However, he’s becoming tired of the whole thing. So, when an ancient, rickety coach plows into his kitchen, ruining the hearth, he is surprised to find that there was a lone woman in the coach. She is injured and the servants have placed her in the servant’s quarters in order to protect her from the debauchery going on in the house. Again, suspend your beliefs. Why would they think she was anything but a servant? She was I a cheap threadbare gown – definitely NOT the gown of a lady, but she was dismayed when she thought they had mistaken her for a servant.

The dialogue was witty and the characters were lively and interesting, but the plot just left a lot to be desired. The ‘love at first sight’ just fell flat for me – I didn’t feel the passion. Then, it just ended too abruptly.

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