Satyr’s Son by Lucinda Brant

Satyr's Son (Roxton Family Saga, #5 )Satyr’s Son by Lucinda Brant

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Roxton Family Saga Book #5 (Audiobook)
Publication Date: 12/6/17

Alex Wyndham’s voice is like liquid chocolate oozing down your throat – smooth, lush, decadently appealing and sensual. His portrayal of the different characters is flawlessly done and it makes you feel as if you are eavesdropping on the lives and conversations of everyone in the book. He flows flawlessly from character to character, accent to accent and gender to gender. You feel the emotions of each character.

This book was so good that I didn’t want it to end – but all of Lucinda Brandt’s books are that way for me. I kept wanting to pause the playback of the book because I wanted to prolong the enjoyment and at the same time I wanted to speed up the playback because I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. So, this is quite a wrap-up for the Roxton series and I will miss these old friends.

Lord Henri-Antoine (Henry) Hesham is the second son of the fifth Duke of Roxton and brother to the sixth. He is rich beyond belief and has been coddled and spoiled all of his life. Not only does he have the looks and temperament of his father, he has the same reputation for debauchery as well. He goes from bed to bed – even going so far as to ‘share’ the mistress of one of his friends. He’s also very, very private because he has an illness that is much misunderstood and maligned during that time. Beneath all of that debauchery hides the heart of a romantic who is sweet, generous, caring and loving. It is so much fun to watch Lisa as she peels the layers back to reveal the real man who lies beneath the façade.

Lisa Crisp was orphaned at age nine and became dependent on relatives who didn’t want her (the Warners). She wasn’t exactly abused, she was just ignored – she was like the furniture, just there. She was given the opportunity to attend a boarding school for young ladies where she befriends ‘Teddy’, a member of the Cavendish/Roxton family. They were best friends until Lisa was sent down in disgrace. She lost touch with Teddy until, out of the blue, she receives an invitation to attend Teddy’s wedding and it is made plain to Lisa’s relatives that it is unacceptable for Lisa to refuse the invitation.

Lisa is calm, intelligent, trustworthy and beloved by the patients, the ‘poor sick’, at Dr. Warner’s clinic. She even volunteers as an amanuensis for those ‘poor sick’ enabling them to send letters home. Her work at the clinic enabled her to recognize that Henry was having a seizure when she first saw him. She secured and treated him while protecting his privacy – all without having any idea who he was. She actually goes through a fair portion of the book without knowing who he is. Because of his dress, speech, and mannerisms, she knows he is of the aristocracy, but doesn’t have a name to go with it.

Henry’s best friend is getting married – to Teddy – so he and Lisa find themselves at the same two-week wedding get-together. Lisa and Henry find themselves more and more attracted to each other. It is fun to watch Henry open up and blossom and Lisa come to realize that she is a worthy individual. Then, throw in a couple of shrewish ‘friends’ from school and another ‘friend’ bent on revenge and you find a lot of wrenches in the works. Can Lisa and Henry overcome the obstacles thrown in their way? Will Henry’s family accept a union between them? You’ll just have to read this lovely book to find out.

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3 thoughts on “Satyr’s Son by Lucinda Brant

  1. Great review, Barbara. I’m a huge fan of Lucinda Bryant’s books as well and although I love all of her books, there was just something special about Harry and Lisa’s story that makes it my favourite of the series. I’m listening to the audiobook over Christmas and can’t wait to hear Alex Wyndham’s portrayal of Henri-Antoine. 😍

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