The Madam’s Highlander by Madeline Martin

The Madam's HighlanderThe Madam’s Highlander by Madeline Martin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: None
Publication Date: 1/23/18

This novella was first released as part of an anthology. As always, Ms. Martin’s writing is superb. The characters are memorable, the plot is well developed and the romance is swoon-worthy. You will be on pins and needles right up to the last chapter – will they get their HEA or won’t they? Your fingers will be flipping the pages just as quickly as your eyes can devour the words.

Ewan Frasier’s father was hanged as a traitor. Can you imagine how you would feel to see your father dangling at the end of a rope? Ewan joins the Black Watch in order to redeem his and his family’s honor. However, things in the Black Watch have changed since Ewan first joined. Was it always that way and he just didn’t notice or has it changed so negatively? Ewan’s main goal now is to keep his mother safe, but he’s constantly denied leave to go check on her.

Freya is the owner and madam of Molly’s brothel in Edinburgh. She hates the English and the Black Watch – especially the Black Watch because she views them as traitors to Scotland. Freya is very much admired in Edinburgh because she takes in war widows and other women who have found themselves destitute and in need. She hires them for whatever positions they wish – they don’t have to be whores. She also sees that they receive an education so that they can move into other jobs. She also has secrets – she has a family she has to care for and protect. When Ewan approaches her and asks her to see about his mother, she refuses. She has a hard enough time seeing to her own family – and besides – he is a traitor to Scotland.

Ewan is desperate to see if his mother is safe, but what can he do. Well, he cringes and investigates Freya to find out her secrets and when he does, he blackmails her into checking on his mother. Since he threatens her own mother, she has no choice but to agree to his terms.

Upon arrival, Freya finds Ewan’s home burned and his mother in hiding. She rescues his mother and then things get really dicey. I don’t want to tell you a lot and spoil the story for you – but I can tell you that the nail-biting suspense goes right up through the last chapter. WOW! WHEW! Wasn’t sure we were going to get an HEA in this book. Thank goodness for smart and gifted authors!

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