A Duke In The Night by Kelly Bowen

A Duke in the Night (The Devils of Dover, #1)A Duke in the Night by Kelly Bowen

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Devils of Dover #1
Publication Date: 2/20/18

I believe this was my first book by Kelly Bowen and I did enjoy it. However, all-in-all, I wouldn’t really class it as a Regency – it ‘feels’ much too modern. It is more like a modern story dressed up like a Regency. I’m giving it 4-stars because I really did enjoy the story. The heroine, Clara Hayward, is very much a contemporary woman, forward-thinking, ‘experienced’, etc. and all of the people surrounding her are very ‘modern’.

August Faulkner, Duke of Holloway, never expected to be a Duke. His father was in debtors prison and August, as a boy of fifteen, spent two years living on the streets. That experience hardened him and he was determined to provide for his sister – not just provide for her, but assure, beyond all measure, that she would never, ever be in reduced circumstances again. August learned to make money and became ruthless in buying businesses and making them successful. He has no room for anything in his life other than the acquisition of money and property. He’s not a bad man, he just has no time in his life for relationships.

Clara’s family is now in reduced circumstances, but they have managed to keep it quiet. The ton still thinks that they are enormously rich. Clara owns and is headmistress of, Haverhall School for Young Ladies. She treasures the school because it was left to her by her mother – but – in order to keep their shipping line afloat, she has to sell it. She doesn’t know that August is the one who has bought it.

Buying the school just whets August’s appetite. He always does a thorough check on the people and businesses he’s planning to buy and when he was checking on the school, he also learned that the Hayward’s were in financial difficulties and thought he’d buy a share of their shipping line. He’s totally shocked when they turn him down.

When August’s sister sneaks off in the middle of the night to attend a summer school in Dover, August takes off after her. He wanted to go to Dover anyway to meet up with the Hayward’s. August definitely gets his eyes opened as he learns more and more about what this school is teaching. Definitely NOT what you’d find in the Regency era!

August and Clara are definitely attracted to each other and have been since they first met ten years ago. They go through a lot of slips and slides before they get their relationship off the ground. Lots of excitement with soldiers, kidnappings, misunderstandings, etc. before they finally get their HEA.

One thing that seemed to be left hanging was – what happened with August’s sister and his man-of-business? They were in love – but no resolution in this book.

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