His Wicked Embrace by Lauren Smith

His Wicked Embrace (The League of Rogues, #6)His Wicked Embrace by Lauren Smith

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The League of Rogues #6
Publication Date: 3/5/18

Wowzers! What a wickedly delightful novella with betrayal, slavery, romance, love and a wonderfully sweet HEA – as well as a bit of brother-against-brother. Lauren Smith’s writing is, as always wonderful, the story is well plotted, well delivered and filled with memorable characters. I have loved the League of Rogues since the very first book in the series and I think you will as well. Since this is a novella rather than a full-length novel, it isn’t as filled with action and shenanigans as the other novels are, but it is still a wonderful story for Lawrence and Zehra. Don’t you just love that name – Zehra – so exotic and romantic.

Zahra Darzi is the daughter of a Persian Shah and an English noblewoman. Her home was filled with laughter and love. Her parents doted on her and she loved her Persian homeland. Then, her parents were betrayed by someone they considered a friend. Al Zahrani had betrayed her parents to another Shah who wanted to take over her father’s lands and riches and he would get Zehra as his concubine as a reward. While her parents perished, she managed to escape from Al Zahrani only to be captured by slavers and shipped thousands of miles away from her homeland – to England.

Lawrence Russell is the brother of Lucien Russell, Marquess of Rochester who is the hero of His Wicked Seduction (Book 2). Lawrence is helping his younger brother Avery on the night they are to have a slave auction at the White House brothel in Soho. It is his job to enter the establishment and take note of everyone who is participating in the auction while waiting for Avery and his men to enter before the auction starts. The auction starts and Avery and his men aren’t there – what is Russell supposed to do. The most beautiful and exotic creature he has ever seen is up on the auction block and some of the vilest creatures in London are bidding on her and promising her all of the things they plan to do to her.

Will Russell manage to save her before she is auctioned off? Will Avery finally show up? If they rescue her, what will they do with her? Will they send her back to Persia? Oh, my – so many things going on. Will Russell defy the Crown in order to have Zehra? Don’t forget Al Zahrani – remember, he is a bad guy and wants Zehra. You are just going to have to read this wonderful novella to find out all that happens.

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