Murder in St. Giles: A Regency Mystery by Ashley Gardner

Murder in St. Giles: A Regency Mystery (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries Book 13)Murder in St. Giles: A Regency Mystery by Ashley Gardner

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Captain Lacey Mysteries #13
Publication Date: 4/10/18

Oh! How I wish I could fly back through time and meet Captain Lacey, Donata, Brewster, Mr. Denis, Em, Bartholomew, Peter, Gabriella, Anna, Marianne, and Grenville. The times are so interesting, the characters just scream out that they want to be your friend and the mystery is – well – so very mysterious. Then add in Donata’s nasty cousins along with Gabriella’s shocker and you have a fast-paced, cannot-put-down book.

Captain Gabriel Lacey is having a very bad day indeed! To begin, Stanton, a cousin of Donata’s deceased first husband barges into their home and announces that he is going to take custody of Donata’s son, Peter. Then, after Lacey gets rid of Stanton, but before he can console Donata, Brewster arrives and demands that Lacey go with him to St. Giles where there has been a murder.

Throughout the whole book, Lacey is juggling the murder investigation and thwarting Stanton. Luckily, Donata is a resourceful woman and handles much of the planning for Peter’s safety herself. Lacey uncovers a vile and corrupt peer as well as a sea captain that subverts the justice system while he is investigating. How much more can one man get into at one time?

Who killed Jack Finch? Finch was a huge man, a former pugilist and he had been beaten – badly. But, how was he even in London? He’d been convicted of a crime and transported. Did Brewster kill him? Did a former partner in crime get to him? Was it a former victim – he was a blackmailer and a thief, so it could have been anybody. Usually in a crime, there are few suspects and they all appear innocent – in this case, there are many, many suspects and they all appear guilty. Add in embezzlement from the Bank of England and you have a real mind boggler. When the murderer is identified you will be absolutely shocked.

Amid all the pandemonium Lacey’s daughter, Gabriella arrives for the start of her season. She doesn’t want a season or to choose a groom from among the suitors, but she doesn’t want to disappoint Donata and her father. However, all goes well – until there is a proposal. Oh! What chaos!

Luckily, Mr. Denis, a master criminal, is there to lend a hand and to suck Lacey further into his debt. Lacey will pay any price to keep Peter and Donata safe and happy. I know Mr. Denis is supposed to be this really bad guy – and he is – but – I sort of like him.

I highly recommend this well-written, highly entertaining book!

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