The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy

The Duke Who Ravished Me (Rebellious Brides, #4)The Duke Who Ravished Me by Diana Quincy

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Rebellious Brides #4
Publication Date: 4/17/18

Such a delightfully different story! It is well written, the characters make you care for them and the story is different and interesting. It isn’t an exciting, full of action kind of story, but one that develops carefully over time. While this book is part of a series, it can easily be read as a stand-alone.

Adam Fairfax, the Duke of Sunderford, was raised in a cold and uncaring home. His father preached duty to country and title and honor above all – too bad he didn’t live that way. Adam was always a dutiful son until, at age eighteen, he witnessed something unbearable. Sinful Sunny was born shortly after that. Debauchery was his middle name. If you think you’ve read about some debauched characters in other books, you’ll find those were just child’s play compared to Sunny. He was determined he would never be anything like his father. He also had no feelings for any other human being on earth – he was incapable of love and softer feelings. So, imagine his absolute shock when, during one of his debauched parties in his playroom, his butler interrupts to say he has visitors. It turns out, he now has two young wards and a governess to contend with and he has no intention of keeping them around.

Isabel Finch, the governess to the two young Fairfax girls, loves them deeply. She’ll fight like a tigress to keep them safe and in a secure home – and Sinful Sunny’s home is neither safe nor secure. She dislikes him from the moment she meets him, but there is nothing she can do because she is the employee and he is the guardian. However, she doesn’t let that keep her quiet about his lifestyle and its possible exposure to his young wards.

It was fun to read the verbal battles between these two spirited people and to see them, over time, begin to care for each other. I was so glad that it didn’t happen immediately – but developed steadily. The lust was there, but the genuine caring took longer. It wasn’t surprising that she recognized it first because she had loved before. For him, it was a total shock. After all, he wasn’t capable of that emotion.

The twins, Patience and Prudence are delightful, joyful, inquisitive and loving. They are also insecure because as Prudence says – “no one ever keeps us”.

While this book isn’t filled with excitement or angst, I certainly didn’t miss them. I enjoyed the story and I hope you will as well.

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