The Perfect Duchess by Erica Taylor

The Perfect Duchess (The Macalisters, #2)The Perfect Duchess by Erica Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The MacAlisters #2
Publication Date: 4/17/18

This author has certainly gotten off to an impressive start as a writer. This is her second book and both have been excellent. While it is part of a series, you could certainly read it as a stand-alone. Frankly, I would recommend reading this as the first book in the series and then go back and read the first one. I have no idea what makes authors and publishers decide on the order of books in a series, but, in my humble opinion, this should have been the first book in this series.

At one time Andrew MacAlister and Jonathan Masson were best friends. Andrew often went home with Jonathan on school breaks and was intrigued by Jonathan’s younger sister Clare because she was so intrepid. When she was ten years old and Andrew was about sixteen, she told him she was going to marry him someday. On the day Andrew’s father and older brother were killed and he inherited the title, Jonathan developed an abiding hatred for Andrew. Andrew never knew why – but he never saw Clare after that. At least, not until she and her twin sister had their debut – and then shortly after that Andrew became engaged to Christina, Clara’s twin. You’ll learn all about that in the story, so I won’t tell you about it – but, to me, it makes Andrew look very, very weak-willed!

Everyone who was ever supposed to love Clare Masson left her, except her older brother Jonathan, and he hated her with every breath in his body. Things got really bad after her father died and Jonathan inherited. Wild, untrue rumors about her were floating throughout the ton and she was forbidden from attending any entertainments. Then, on the night of the annual MacAlister birthday ball, she decided to sneak out and attend. That set off a chain of events that almost caused her death – until Andrew saved her.

Andrew brings Clare into his home and places her under his protection by becoming betrothed to her. While he fully intends to go through with the marriage, she doesn’t because she has such trust issues and she wants him to love her, not just feel protective of her. They both have trust issues, but he works through his much quicker than she does and becomes truly committed to the relationship.

Clare is in constant danger until her brother can be found and dealt with – but – where is he? Nobody can find him. Then there are more attempts on Clare’s life. Will they finally get their HEA – you’ll just have to read the book to see. Oh, and at the end — there is quite a twist.

I read an ARC of this book and it was very unpolished at the time. I do truly hope that many of the errors I saw are fixed prior to publication. There is a lot of more modern phraseology as well as some incorrect word choices, etc.

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