No Grater Danger by Victoria Hamilton

No Grater Danger (A Vintage Kitchen Mystery Book 7)No Grater Danger by Victoria Hamilton

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Vintage Kitchen Mystery #7
Publication Date: 6/19/18

This is yet another lovely addition to the Vintage Kitchen Mystery series. It is well written, flows smoothly and has a delightful cast of secondary characters. I guessed who the villain was fairly on in the book, but figuring out the what, why and how was still fun.

We’ve watched Jaymie Leighton grow and change through six books. She’s an entrepreneur with multiple jobs – she writes a newspaper column, she works at the emporium, she occasionally works in her sister’s antique shop and she re-creates vintage recipes for modern cooks. However, her favorite thing is collecting vintage cookware. Now, however, her most favorite thing is her new husband, Jakob Mueller, and her new step-daughter, Jocie.

One of Jaymie’s favorite places to be is Queensville’s heritage house. She has worked hard, along with the other members of the Queensville Heritage Society, to make the heritage house a wonderful representation of Queensville’s heritage. So, when Jaymie is presented with the opportunity to use the vintage kitchen area of the heritage house for trying a new teaching technique, she can’t wait to give it a try. The subject will be the spice trade and the trade routes used to get the spices around the world. Luckily, a local family has quite a historical link to the spice trade and Jaymie hopes to learn some of the history to share with the class – and maybe – she can borrow some of the antique nutmeg grinders owned by Miss Perry to display at the heritage house.

Miss Perry is a feisty, independent, crotchety octogenarian who doesn’t take well to strangers. Luckily, Jaymie’s friend, Mrs. Stubbs is her cousin and sets up an appointment for Jaymie to meet Miss Perry. Jaymie and Miss Perry like each other instantly and they strike a tentative deal for Miss Perry to loan the grinders to the historical society. However, when Jaymie comes to pick up the grinders, the door is unlocked, but nobody answers. Feeling apprehensive, Jaymie opens the door and calls out to Miss Perry – but nobody answers. Jaymie is worried for Miss Perry and enters and looks through the home until she finds Miss Perry – lying at the foot of the stairs.

Poor Jaymie seems to attract dead bodies – but, luckily, Miss Perry isn’t dead, but she is gravely injured. However, Jaymie fears for Miss Perry’s life because there are some strange things happening around the lady. There have been thefts and other ‘accidents’ that could easily have taken her life. Jaymie’s insatiable curiosity is always engaged and she becomes more and more worried about her new friend. Then, a real dead body is found in Miss Perry’s backyard.

There are lots of twists and turns and red herrings scattered throughout the story. Whether you figure out the villain early on or not, the story is still a lovely read. Is there only one villain or several? Why in the world would they want to harm a lovely old lady? Well, you’ll just have to read the story to find out all the answers.

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