One Moonlit Night by Gaelen Foley

One Moonlit Night (Moonlight Square, #0.5)One Moonlit Night by Gaelen Foley

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Moonlight Square 0.5
Publication Date: 9/11/15

This novella is a delightfully warm and sweet introduction to the Moonlight Square series. The characters are all great – not a clunker in the bunch (especially Trinny’s father) and the story flows quickly and smoothly. One thing I really loved is that the two main characters were open and honest with each other, there were no huge, ugly secrets hanging over their heads and they actually talked. Wow! How different is that?

I loved the conversations and witty repartee between Gable and Trinny. They are both bright and funny and totally relatable people. Their internal dialogue is as entertaining as their verbal dialogue.

Gable Winston-McCray, Viscount Roland, is basically a man ‘ho. I’m not normally a fan of that trope, but it was handled really well in this book. Gable is living the high life, he’s heir to an earl, he’s handsome, he’s charming, and he has it all. The ladies pursue him, he doesn’t have to pursue them. He thinks he is the happiest of men – until he has his grand epiphany. “You were right about me, Trinny. I see that now. But you were wrong about one thing… A leopard can change his spots”. So, while he was a womanizing rake, he won me over when he was so kind to Trinny.

Lady Katrina (Trinny) Glendon is the oldest of six sisters and at two and twenty she is having absolutely no luck on the marriage mart. She is just an odd duck – everyone thinks so – especially her sisters. Her latest prospect for a husband has just gotten engaged to someone else and her sisters are blaming her for ruining their chances. Because she is the oldest, the younger sisters cannot marry until she does and that doesn’t appear to be happening and the sisters are fiercely angry. After a particularly hateful argument with her sisters she flees the house and runs into the park across from their home – she just needs a good cry.

Trinny cries her heart out – deep, wrenching sobs. What can she do? Her sisters expect her to marry, but she just can’t seem to attract any serious suitors. What is wrong with her? Why is she such an odd duck? Then, she hears “Ahem”. She looked up with swollen eyes and red nose to see a tall, broad-shouldered figure standing in the moonlight.

Their meeting in the gazebo in the park was one of my very favorite scenes. He was so sweet and caring and they were so honest with each other. I loved that the Glendon girls had given all of the bachelors in the neighborhood nicknames so they could keep them all straight. Gable’s nickname was Lord Sweet Cheeks and that was her first thought when she recognized him.

I loved the ending and it very nicely sets up the next book.

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5 thoughts on “One Moonlit Night by Gaelen Foley

  1. Barbara, I loved this novella too. I also read the next two books in the series and expected something on a par with her fabulous Knight Miscellany series but they just didn’t work for me.

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    1. I felt the same way Carol – I read the novella and was excited to dive into the series and it just wasn’t what I expected/hoped for from Ms. Foley.

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