The Vision of a Viscountess by Linda Rae Sande

The Vision of a Viscountess (The Widowers of the Aristocracy, #2)The Vision of a Viscountess by Linda Rae Sande

Barb’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Widowers of Aristocracy #2
Publication Date: 5/11/18

This is an absolutely delightful read. I have almost as much delight about what is missing as I do about what is included in the story. There is no introspective naval gazing and page after page of angst. ** Happy Sigh ** We get three – yes that is correct – three – intertwined romances in one book. You just can’t get better than that can you? The characters are lovely and it would be fun to accompany them on one of their archaeological digs. With trowels in hand, we could unearth those lovely Roman mosaics in Girgenti, Sicily. I loved that there was so much information about the process, the area, the temples and the preservation of the artifacts. It was also fun to learn so much about eyeglasses!

The main featured couple is Jasper Henley who is a Viscount and Marianne Slater whose uncle is a Marquess. Several years ago Jasper was caught kissing Sophia in front of the cupid statue in the gardens behind Lord Attenborough’s mansion and they had to marry. Jasper was happy about that. Sophia passed away a year ago and Jasper has been in mourning since then. His first real outing since Sophie’s death was another ball at Lord Attenborough’s. When he sees a lovely young lady who doesn’t seem to see very well, he escorts her for a walk in the gardens. He’s intrigued by her and just can’t resist a kiss in front of Cupid’s statue – again – and he’s caught again. He’s perfectly happy about that. It seems she is perfectly happy about it as well. They are married a week later and leave for Sicily where they learn to love and trust each other.

Lord Darius was in Sicily twenty years ago – before he had even finished his schooling. He met and fell in love with Chiara Ferraro a beautiful seventeen-year-old Italian girl. His problem was that he was already unhappily in an arranged marriage and had to leave her. Now, he’s a widower and is in Sicily where Chiara is also now widowed. It was sweet to see them find each other again.

James Singleton works with Jasper on many of his digs – and he accompanies Jasper to Sicily. James is a flirt, but he’s really sad and alone. Then he meets David Anthony, Chiara’s son and they each know they’ve found their life partner.

I loved the book, but if you are expecting it to be period correct, then you will be disappointed. There isn’t much place where you would need that period correctness since most of the book takes place in Sicily rather than England. To give an example – Jasper Henley is also referred to as Lord Henley and Viscount Henley. Henley wouldn’t be the name of his Viscountancy. Anyway – if you are a stickler, you will find anachronisms.

I really enjoyed the book – it was pretty steamy and very sweet all at the same time.

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