The Devil To Pay by K.C. Bateman

The Devil to PayThe Devil to Pay by K.C. Bateman

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: None – Stand Alone
Publication Date: 8/28/18

WARNING! Preparation is required to read this book. Be sure your eyeglasses are clean (if you wear them), your fingers are limber (for flipping those pages), you’ve visited the necessary and a snack tray is beside your chair. Why? Well, you won’t be able to put the book down once you pick it up! It is intelligently and superbly written, the characters are wonderful, the humor will keep you smiling, the excitement oozes off each page and the romance will make you swoon.

The book begins – “Central Italy, June 1492 – Cara di Montessori was sick of people trying to kill her.” Cara’s uncle Lorenzo has just killed her father in order to take over their holding, Castelleon. Her father and his men give up their lives in order for her to escape. Now, with her uncle’s men chasing her, she must manage to get to Alessandro del Sarto, ‘Il Diavolo’. Normally, she’d never seek his help, but his particular set of skills are her only way of staying alive and regaining Castelleon.

Cara has never quite managed to acquire any of the skills required of a true lady. Her instructors have tried, they just can’t hold her attention long enough. She went to a nunnery, but only lasted a week and was then being educated at a monastery – but she managed to flood it and blow part of it up while experimenting with explosives. She is strong, intelligent and fearless – she’s just missing those feminine wiles that allow her to see how attractive she is.

Alessandro del Sarto is a mercenary with the strongest army in Italy. His sword is highly sought after and he is rich beyond measure – he’s also highly intelligent and has a fleet of trading ships and other businesses. He also has a history with Cara and her father. When Cara was sixteen, del Sarto was being mentored by her father. Cara was also smitten with him. Del Sarto went on many campaigns with Cara’s father and they came to respect each other and trust each other.

You will absolutely LOVE the interactions between Cara and del Sarto. She vexes him beyond belief – she leaps out windows, steals his horse, hides away in luggage carts – you name it. He wonders why she won’t just do as he tells her – after all, he’s looking out for her and he knows what is best. Yep, we all know he is heading for a rude awakening.

This book is filled with excitement and it is so much fun to watch both main characters fight the fact that they love each other. It is a delightful read and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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