A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel

A Lady's Escape (Everton Domestic Society, #2)A Lady’s Escape by A.S. Fenichel

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: Everton Domestic Society #2
Publication Date: 10/2/18

This was a wonderfully well-written, well-planned and well-executed book. While this is book two in the series, I have not read the first book and it did not detract from my enjoyment of this story. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the characters – especially Millicent and Preston. You can really identify with where each of them is coming from and you can see why each loves the other.

Millicent Edgebrook was ruined during her first season and while nobody knew, she still removed herself from the marriage mart because she knew no husband would want to marry a bride who was not pure. She has other plans for her life besides marriage. First, she is going to become an Everton Lady and then she is going to travel, do good works and help people. She has a very poor opinion of all of the men of the ton because of her experience when she was just sixteen. Millie was raised by her sweet, loving, lovable and very eccentric uncle who is ridiculed by the ton.

Preston Knowles, Duke of Middleton is a nice, sweet, loving, respectful man who is trying very hard to find a wife. He doesn’t necessarily expect love in his marriage, but he would at least like to like and respect his wife. However, he has proposed twice – and been refused twice. He can’t do that again. So, his mother hires the Everton Domestic Society to help him find the perfect duchess – one that will accept his proposal.

Millicent was so very nervous when she went to the Everton Domestic Society for her interview, but could only be honest in her answers to the questions. It turned out that she had a skill! She is a natural matchmaker and has found matches for all of her friends. So, her first assignment as an Everton Lady is to help the Duke of Middleton find a bride and she is determined to be successful in her assignment.

Reluctantly, Preston agrees to his mother’s request to allow Everton’s to assist in his quest for a bride – after all – he certainly hasn’t done too well by himself. It isn’t too long after their first meeting that Preston realizes his attraction to Millicent and that attraction just continues to grow. He recognizes it for what it is – love – but he has to be careful because she is adamant that she won’t marry and that she has other plans for her life. Those plans don’t include marriage. He knows he has to take it slow, but it is so hard because the attraction is so strong – and he thinks she is attracted to him as well.

Preston follows Millicent’s plans just as she has them laid out – but – at the same time, he steals time alone with her and dances with her – whatever he can do to have alone time with her and to encourage her to feel as much as he does. I loved watching the two come to their HEA and Preston was absolutely precious.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I hope you will as well.

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