Paradox by Catherine Coulter

Paradox (FBI Thriller #22)Paradox by Catherine Coulter

Barbara’s Rating: ** 4.5 of 5 suspenseful stars **

Series: FBI Thriller #22
Publication Date: 7/31/18

Another pulse-pounding, non-stop action addition to the FBI Thriller series. This time it is very, very personal to Savich and Sherlock. In the early hours of the morning, Sherlock is awakened when she hears a series of almost inaudible chirps coming from their home alarm. That means that their home alarm isn’t active and being smart, savvy FBI agents, they have a plan for that. Savich heads downstairs to investigate and Sherlock heads to the nursery. The sight Sherlock sees knocks the breath from her. Someone is standing over her sleeping son and he has a knife in one hand and a gun in the other. After a bit of verbal and physical altercation, the culprit escapes through the cut screen in the window. Were they going to kidnap Sean for a ransom or was it even more sinister because someone wanted revenge against Savich or Sherlock?

Thus begins the first of the four mysteries that will be solved. I love that there isn’t just one case per book – just as in real life, the agents have more than one case to solve at a time. I also love the characters. They are all well-written and relatable. In addition to the continuing characters of Savich and Sherlock, we meet FBI agent Sala Porto who is both a victim and an investigator and Willicott, Maryland’s Police Chief Ty Christie.

Ty gets up very early each morning to have a cup of the sludge-thick Turkish coffee she loves. As she walks onto her back deck she sees a small rowboat out on foggy Lake Massey. There are two figures in the boat, but she can’t determine if they are male or female or even make out anything recognizable about them. Then, to her astonishment, one swings the boat oar at the other and then pushes the body off the boat and into the lake. Ty immediately calls in her deputies and then gets into her own boat and heads out to see if she can rescue the victim. There isn’t a body there! Was the body already weighted before they were struck and dumped into the water? Ty then calls in the local who drags the lake to search for the body. They are all shocked when they not only find the body but bones from a number of other skeletons. Somebody has been using the lake as a body dumping ground for a very long time. Does Willicott have a serial killer in its midst?

Are all of the cases interrelated? The investigations intertwine and separate and intertwine and separate. That is just to say that there are many, many unexpected twists and turns.

I do have to say that I miss seeing Savich’s ‘visions’ playing a part in the case and I also missed MAX even though he was featured just a bit.

It was a great read and I hope you’ll love it as much as I did.

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