A Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry

A Christmas RevelationA Christmas Revelation by Anne Perry

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Publication Date: 11/6/18

What a wonderfully poignant Christmas story. If you have read this author’s William Monk series, you will be familiar with most of the characters in this book. The story is a wonderfully written tale of redemption and caring at Christmas.

Since last summer, nine-year-old Worm (Warren) has been living and working at the clinic in Portpool Lane. The clinic was established to provide medical care, etc. for women on the streets. He’d always lived on the riverbank before someone rescued him. He doesn’t know if he ever had a father, but he does have vague memories of his mother.

Worm was out and about one morning and looked across the street at the most beautiful sight he’d ever seen. A woman who was all light, warmth, and softness. When a sunbeam came down from the sky and fell on her hair, it glowed like gold. Her smiles seemed to make everyone around her feel good. Then, there were two men who approached her, grabbed her and forced her away. Worm wanted to help her. He raced across the street and followed them as far as he could and then they disappeared. He needed help and he knew just who could either help him or tell him what he needed to do.

Squeaky Robinson will only admit to being somewhere in his sixties. He is the former owner of the two buildings that now house the Portpool Lane clinic. The houses were brothels when he owned them, and quite profitable. However, he’d found himself in a bit of serious legal trouble and made a deal to turn the houses over for the clinic and stay on as its bookkeeper. Secretly, he’s glad about that, but he’d never openly admit it.

Worm runs into Squeaky’s office and tells his tale of the beautiful lady. Squeaky tries to distract him by telling him tales of Christmas – mostly making it up as he goes along because – well – what does Squeaky know about Christmas. When the distraction doesn’t work, Squeaky knows that if he doesn’t help the boy, he’ll just go out on his own. This begins an adventure filled with bad guys, lovely ladies who are not what they seem, explosions and a joyous Christmas.

I hope you’ll give this lovely novella a read this Christmas.

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