Death Comes to Bath by Catherine Lloyd

Death Comes to Bath (Kurland St. Mary Mysteries #6)Death Comes to Bath by Catherine Lloyd

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: A Kurland St. Mary Mystery #6
Publication Date: 12/18/18

Close your eyes, breathe deeply, relax and move back in time with this masterfully written historical romantic mystery. The descriptions of places and people along with the authenticity of the era make you feel as if you are right there, meeting the people, smelling the aromas of the baths and touring the town of Bath.

Major Sir Robert Kurland was grievously injured during the battle of Waterloo. His leg was completely shattered and the surgeons wanted to remove it. Luckily for Major Kurland, his friend, gifted Army surgeon Patrick Fletcher wouldn’t allow it and managed to save the leg. The leg has never been truly well since that time, but Robert would rather deal with that pain than lose his leg. When a large knot rises on his thigh, he tries to hide it from his wife and Dr. Fletcher. His efforts to hide it are unsuccessful and Dr. Fletcher has to cut the knot open to drain it and hopefully save Robert’s life yet again. After Robert has healed sufficiently to travel, Dr. Fletcher wants him to go to Bath and take the treatments. Robert reluctantly agrees, but he isn’t happy about it.

In Bath, Robert realizes that the treatments are actually helping him and he is feeling better than he has in a very long time. To make the treatments even more bearable, he has the company of Sir William Benson who knew Robert’s grandfather. Robert comes to really like the older man but learns that Sir William’s family relationships are very poor and contentious indeed. It seems that the Benson’s are very free with airing their dirty laundry in front of others and Robert and Lucy learn much more about the family than they ever wanted to learn.

Early one morning Robert and Dr. Fletcher are on their way to the baths for Robert’s treatment and Robert is looking forward to his visit with Sir William. Only, Sir William isn’t there – but his physician is. When they realize that Sir William isn’t in the baths, Dr. Fletcher dives in to find him – but it is already too late – Sir William is dead. Robert and Dr. Fletcher don’t believe it was natural causes that caused him to submerge beneath the waters.

Lucy, Robert’s wife, has been investigating murders for the entire three years they’ve been married and she always drags Robert into helping her. This time, however, Robert needs no persuasion. He wants justice for his friend Sir William and he can’t help but feel that it is someone in Sir William’s family that caused his death. Now, he and Lucy just have to figure out who and why.

I was happy to see that Lucy’s health (both mental and physical) had improved since her series of miscarriages. I loved seeing how well they’ve settled into married life and how open they are in their love for each other.

We have a delightful cast of secondary characters some are recurring and some are new – some you will love, others you won’t. Of the recurring ones, we have, Dr. Fletcher and his wife Penelope (Robert’s former betrothed), Lucy’s sister Anna and some of their household staff. The new appearances include a possible love interest for Anna, Captain Harry Akers, and his family as well as the oddly blended family of Sir William.

As always, there is a twisted path to the solution and the villain may surprise you. It is a great addition to the series and now – the waiting for #7 begins!

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