Taming A Christmas Wallflower by Tammy Andresen

Taming a Christmas Wallflower (Taming the Duke's Heart Book 7)Taming a Christmas Wallflower by Tammy Andresen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Taming the Heart #7
Publication Date: 12/4/18
Number of Pages: 90

This is a delightfully romantic short novella. The story is excellently told. Being a short novella, you might think that you’d feel as if you were missing a part of the story, but you don’t. You feel as if you get to know the characters and can understand their connection. We actually got a romance and a half, so I’m hoping that we get the other half in a later novella. Otherwise, I’ll be sad to have missed it.

Lady Amelia Chase is a wallflower because she is very shy and very, very intelligent. She spends her time reading books and she tends to quote facts from those books when she is nervous in a social situation. When she does that, eyes glass over, people glance around and soon find an excuse to leave her company. So, she is happy to spend her time against the wall conversing with her friend, Lady Ethel Stark, who has a physical deformity from a childhood illness. Both ladies are lovely, well dowered and they come from excellent titled families – yet, nobody seeks them out.

William Maddox is the oldest son of a very wealthy shipping company owner. He hadn’t been thinking of marriage, but he has been thinking that some of his activities and friendships need to change since they are getting stale – particularly his friendship with Lord Riley. He might even have to re-think his friendship with Michael Wayne unless his attitude changed.

Will and Michael are attending a house party near Will’s country estate for some Christmastide entertainment. Will let himself get suckered into a bet with their friend Lord Riley and regretted it as soon as it happened. However, it was done and he’d keep his word – at least he thought he would before he met the lovely Lady Amelia. The bet was to manage to get a kiss from either Amelia or Ethel.

Will is immediately drawn to Amelia and Michael is drawn to Ethel. As Will and Michael spend time with the ladies, they find that they want more than just winning a bet. Will the bet come back to haunt them? Can they court and win the ladies of their choice? It is a really delightful and romantic read.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, but, as always, it is filled with errors of one sort or another. The author also uses a monetary (or other) term that I just don’t understand. The wager was for one thousand galleons. What is that? Surely it isn’t a wager for ships – that would surely be a whopper of a bet. So, is it some kind of money? I don’t know, but it just jarred me a bit every time I read the word.

I hope you will enjoy the story.

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