A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron

A Kiss for Miss Kingsley (A Waltz With a Rogue Novellas, #1)A Kiss for Miss Kingsley by Collette Cameron

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: A Waltz With A Rogue #1
Publication Date: 1/27/17
Number of Pages: Audiobook

Stevie Zimmerman narrates the short novella. It is only about 2-hours long. The narrator’s voice is nice, but the characterizations of some of the characters seem a bit weak and thin. The writing is excellent and the story is well developed and well written. Though it is short, you don’t feel short-changed at all. You come to know the characters and to like them. I especially liked Olivia’s brother, Bradford and look forward to reading his book.

Olivia Kingsley and Allen Wimpleton have a history. Three years earlier, during Olivia’s first season, they met and fell madly in love. That it happened over a two-week period didn’t matter to them. Then, out of the blue, Olivia’s eccentric father announced that he was taking his family to the Caribbean for a year and that they would be leaving in two days time. He also shared that he was ill and the doctor had recommended the change.

When Olivia told Oliver that her father was taking her away for a year, he got very angry and didn’t give her a real chance to explain or for them to discuss the issue. He just gave her an ultimatum that she had to choose either her father or him. Since she’d never seen that side of Allen, it frightened her. Olivia was so upset with Allen’s reaction that she never got around to telling him about her father’s illness, etc. So she was frightened for her father and now she was frightened of Oliver – so naturally, she chose to go with her father.

Three years later, Olivia and her brother Bradford are back in London and her father has died. She knows she has to actually see and speak with Allen before she can ever actually get over him – or maybe they can reconcile.

This is a lovely second changes story that takes place over the course of one evening. Can these two get past their feelings of hurt and betrayal? Will they be able to reclaim the love they once shared? Is forgiveness an option? You’ll just have to read/listen to this excellent novella to find your answers.

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