A Knight’s Captive by Lana Williams

A Knight's Captive (Falling For A Knight Book 3)A Knight’s Captive by Lana Williams

Tracy’s rating: 4/4.5 of 5 stars

Series: Falling for a Knight, #3

Release Date: December 26, 2018

Sir Chanse de Bremont is not happy about the impeding marriage of Lady Arabela Graham to Sir Rory Buchanan. He knows Arabela’s father plans to use the marriage to further discord between England and Scotland by pushing for Rory to be named king – Chanse knows this will enrage King Edward and with Arabela’s father “guiding” Rory, war will be inevitable. But Chanse has a plan to stop the wedding, with the help of Matthew, Laird Graham’s former captain of the guard, they will break into the keep and steal the bride.

Lady Arabela will not marry Rory, he is disgusting, cruel and abusive, so she forms a plan, she will run away and hide. She knows her father wants to put Rory on the throne and she knows the strife it will cause not only with England, but with the clans in Scotland. She can’t let that happen! When Chanse enters her room to take her, she informs him that his help is not needed, but he insists. She only agrees to go at her maid’s urging and is surprised to find Matthew in Chanse’s company.

Arabela is determined to part ways with the handsome knight just as soon as possible, but when reality sets in and she realizes just how unprepared she is to travel alone, she reluctantly agrees to stay with Chanse, but is not happy that he refuses to trust her with his plan. But with her father’s men hot on their heels, she has no choice but to stay with him.

There is a good reason why Chanse refuses to tell Arabela his plan – he doesn’t have one beyond getting her out of the keep and stopping the wedding. He leaves what he hopes is a false trail and decides to head to Berwick and his brother – but with Graham’s men chasing them, he wonders if that is the best idea. When Arabela demands answers, Chanse kisses her, hoping to distract her, but instead finds himself being ensnared!

This was a really good medieval, the history surrounding the story is fascinating and the author’s notes are just as interesting as the story. While I felt like the beginning of the book was a little slow, it picks up about a third of the way in and never stops – there are chases, near death moments, witty banter, wonderful characters, secrets, heated love scenes, twists and turns, really nasty villains, help from surprising sources and finally a HEA with a very sweet epilogue. This is the third book in the series, but it can easily be read as a stand alone title. I am sincerely hoping there will be more books in this series – especially for Matthew!!

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