The Confounding Case of the Carisbrook Emeralds by Stephanie Laurens

The Confounding Case of the Carisbrook Emeralds (Casebook of Barnaby Adair, #4)The Confounding Case of the Carisbrook Emeralds by Stephanie Laurens

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Casebook of Barnaby Adair #4
Publication Date: 6/14/18
Number of Pages: 228

This is another lovely, well-written, well-plotted visit with Barnaby Adair and his wife Penelope along with their investigating friends Inspector Stokes and his wife Griselda, and Montague and his wife Violet. You’ll love the characters, you met most of them in earlier books in the series, and the new characters are very sweet and I’ll hope we see more of them in future books.

Miss Cara Di Abaccio’s is the daughter of an Italian painter and the sister of an English Viscount. Her parents were madly in love and had a wonderful life filled with happiness and love until they both died a year ago, leaving Cara nothing to inherit. Her father’s Italian family took her in, but when her mother’s English brother showed he was her guardian, she went to live with him. Cara is a lovely young woman, bright, funny and filled with love and life. Her uncle’s wife, Livvy, hates her and what she represents and doesn’t want her under her roof. So, when the Carisbrook emeralds disappear, Livvy calls Scotland Yard and has them arrest Cara.

When Scotland Yard’s Sergeant Wilkes arrived to make the arrest, he knows something isn’t right and doesn’t want any part of a Mayfair investigation. Even though it was Sunday morning, he knew he needed to involve Senior Inspector Basil Stokes. Stokes, of course, will involve his ton friends, the Adairs, in the case.

Everyone believes that Cara is totally innocent, but has been accused only because her aunt hates her. The aunt is a viper of a woman who runs rough-shod over everyone in her household. The investigators soon realize there is much more to the case than meets the eye – and that Car has nothing to do with the theft.

Hugo Adair is Barnaby’s cousin and he’s admired Cara for a while. He rushes to her aid and stays by her side throughout the whole ordeal. While he doesn’t participate in the investigation, Hugo keeps Cara safe and occupied. There is, of course, some matchmaking going on there and it is a sweet bit of a love story.

The investigation leads us through the relationships within a very dysfunctional family. You have to wonder how anyone can love the shrew who is Viscountess Livvy.

We have a lovely mystery and a lovely romance – what more could you ask for?

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