For The Love of the Viscount by Callie Hutton

For the Love of the Viscount (The Noble Hearts Series #1)For the Love of the Viscount by Callie Hutton

Barbara’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The Noble Hearts #1
Publication Date: 3/17/17
Number of Pages: 168

This is my second book by this author and I loved the lighthearted, upbeat, witty tale. Wonderfully, there wasn’t any angst, no ‘woe is me’, no conflict, no danger – just a delightfully entertaining tale. The writing was excellent and I adored the characters. It was an excellent introduction to the Smith family – Lord Henry, Earl of Pomeroy and father to Elise, Juliet, and Marigold. You’ll love Pomeroy, he is the sweetest man and most loving father – he adores his girls, but it is time for them to marry and pass on their bills to their husbands. His thought is “T’was time for others – with hefty bankrolls – to cherish them as well.

Lady Elise Smith is very happy with her life. She’s the oldest of three sisters, her father loves her, and he allows her all of the freedoms she craves. She has absolutely no intention of marrying – ever. It isn’t that she sees marriage as a bad thing – it just isn’t for her. No husband would ever give her the freedom she gets from her father – nor would he share her interests. Yes, she is an unrepentant bluestocking. So, when her father calls them all together one morning and announces that Elise must marry before he’ll even entertain marriage offers for the other two, they, especially Elisa, are aghast! Beg, wheedle or cajole – they couldn’t change his mind.

Simon, Viscount St. George is also very happy with his life and has no intention of marrying. His title is secure because his brother is married and has a son, so no worries there. He’s handsome, charming and sought after by all of the hostesses in London – and he’s very, very adept at avoiding the marriage-minded mama’s and their offspring. He’s delighted when he attends the Cummings’ ball and sees a beautiful woman that he hasn’t met before. He’s even more delighted when he discovers how honest, intelligent and straight-forward she is – nothing like any of the other misses who are husband hunting.

Soon, Simon and Elise make a pact to pretend they are courting to protect her from men and him from the ladies who want to ensnare him. At the end of the season, he’ll go his own way and she can then convince her father that she is unmarriageable and resume her life as usual. That all works – sort of – except, they don’t count on how attracted they are to each other or how wiley her father is.

An example of the humor is during a conversation Elise has with her father. Her father says, “He is to treat you like fine porcelain.” To which she replies, “Me?” – Then her father says “Hmm, well, perhaps sturdy kitchen crockery.

I definitely enjoyed this book and I think you will too! Happy reading!

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