Kilted Sin by Tammy Andresen

Kilted Sin (Brethren of Stone Book 3)Kilted Sin by Tammy Andresen

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Brethren of Stone #3
Publication Date: 2/12/19
Number of Pages: 133

This is an enjoyable, quick, one-sitting read. It is certainly the tamest in the series – no pirates, no rogue magistrates, no port blockades, no bad guys at all and it is my least favorite of the series so far. I love the characters, but they had some of the lowest self esteems I’ve read in a while. Each felt inadequate and insecure – she because her husband just abandoned her and took up with another woman and he because he just didn’t feel like he measured up to his older brothers. It was nice to see them find their worth and get their HEA.

Will Sinclair has bought the land adjacent to his brother Blair and he intends to raise barley. He has invested every cent he has in the land and he absolutely must get his crops planted. After a hot day of farming, he decides to stop at the loch and take a swim – only to have his horse, money, and clothing stolen by a beautiful young woman.

Gemma McClaren left her home in the south of Scotland to head to the Highlands where she has an inheritance waiting. She used up all of her money several days ago and hasn’t eaten since – and she’s walked the last fifty miles. When she sees a naked man at the loch, it is an opportunity too good to pass up. She pushes him into the loch, grabs his pants with his money and leaps on his horse.

When Will finds Gemma, sparks fly and he basically blackmails her into becoming the governess/nanny for the two young children that had been dropped off on his doorstep. As Will sees Gemma interact with the children he realizes she isn’t what she appeared to be, and as Gemma sees how Will interacts with others, she realizes that maybe not all men are worthless.

There were several things in the book that I hope were fixed before release day. For instance, Gemma’s eyes were blue in a couple of places and green in another; she was a seamstress in one place and a laundress in another; in one place it appeared that Will was planting and harvesting the same field at the same time and Fiona was four and six years old.

If you like a quick read with a lovely romance, you’ll enjoy this one.

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