To Wed an Heiress by Karen Ranney

To Wed an Heiress (All for Love, #2)To Wed an Heiress by Karen Ranney
Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: All For Love, #2

Release Date: March 26, 2019

When Mercy Rutherford runs away from her pampered and privileged life in New York and goes to find her mother’s family in Scotland, she never could have imagined how life changing her spur of the moment decision would be.

Mercy’s mother was worried about her mother and sister in North Carolina after the civil war, she learned that their home had been destroyed and they were destitute, so she sent funds to them, only to have them returned to her with the news that her mother and sister had returned to Scotland to live with her mother’s brother. Mercy seized the opportunity to get away from her over protective parents and her unwanted fiancé.

Mercy’s trip to see her aunt and grandmother was completely uneventful, until the last few miles, when an airship crashes into their carriage and injures both Mercy and her maid Ruthie. The incredibly handsome, not to mention rude and arrogant, pilot of the ship, Lennox Caitheart comes to their aid. He carries Ruthie to his castle to tend her injuries, he tells Mercy to wait with the carriage and he will send help. She watches him leave and then follows. He has set Ruthie’s arm and tends Mercy’s wounds. They talk and both make apologies, she is intrigued by him and he her, until he learns who she is.

Mercy is shocked by Lennox’s abrupt change upon learning who she is and is even more surprised when he basically kicks her out of his home. On the ride to her family’s home, she learns that Lennox’s brother and her Cousin Mary were in love and eloped, but they were both killed in a carriage crash and her family, the Macrorys have placed the blame on the Caithearts. When she finally arrives at her great uncle Douglas’ home, she realizes her mission of “mercy” was unnecessary – her grandmother’s brother is wealthy. Her reception is not what she expected and her grandmother is hostile and unwelcoming. Her aunt Elizabeth is more welcoming, but she will not go against her mother for Mercy’s sake. Her grandmother basically tells her she is not welcome and must go, Mercy argues that she cannot leave until Ruthie is better, but resigns herself to returning home.

Lennox Caitheart, the new Earl of Morton knows he was rude to Mercy, but he was shocked to learn who she was. He is still grieving the loss of his brother and the huge changes in his life. Before Robert died, Lennox was studying to be a doctor. But all that changed when he became the earl, he left school and returned home to discover that the Macrorys had interfered with several business deals that Robert had established and that he is penniless and has a rundown castle to support. He has become a hermit and supports himself by selling his inventions. His only passion is working on his airship. But when his interfering housekeeper Irene, suggests that he send a note to Mercy, he grudgingly agrees.

It is days before their paths cross again, and this time, it is Mercy who comes to the rescue. They again talk and exchange apologies, Mercy is nothing like Lennox thought she was, she is kind, considerate and beautiful. He is surprised how much he wants her, but it can never be, she is rich and her family is his enemy.

Mercy learns that her father is on his way and knows her time in Scotland is almost up, but when a surprise guest in the form of her “won’t take no for an answer” fiancé Gregory arrives, Mercy finally begins to stand up for herself. After a tense and violent exchange with Gregory and Lennox, Mercy makes a decision and asks Lennox to marry her. He refuses, he cares for her, but his pride will not let him accept her money and he has no way to support her. When her father finally arrives, it appears that Mercy is out of time to change his mind and accepts that she will have to return to America. She bids him farewell and returns to her great-uncle’s house with her father.

Lennox is heartbroken, but still clinging to his pride. Irene talks to him and he finally realizes the gift he had in Mercy, but is it too late??

This was great story with truly likeable and relatable characters, a lot a emotion, some laughs, a little bit of steam, a lot of character growth, a lovely secondary romance, some surprises, a couple of twists and turns and finally a grand, romantic gesture leads to a very sweet HEA. This book is the second in the series, but it can absolutely be read as a stand alone title. I loved this book and would happily recommend it.

*I am voluntarily leaving a review for an eARC that was provided to me by Edelweiss and the publisher. *

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