When A Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes

When a Duchess Says I Do (Rogues to Riches #2)When a Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes

Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Rogues to Riches #2
Publication Date: 4/2/19
Number of Pages: 384

I thoroughly enjoyed this read that is populated with wonderfully complex, likable and very relatable characters. The writing, of course, is excellent and the plot is well delivered. I had a hard time buying the actual scenario of the plot, but I enjoyed the story anyway.

Duncan Wentworth is the sweetest, most honorable, really, really good man I have read in a long while. He’s totally selfless and helps his family and friends no matter the circumstances, yet he is totally unaware of the high esteem in which they all hold him. He just sees himself as a poor relation. His cousin Quinn, Duke of Walden, has sent Quinn to the Brightwell estate to set it to rights. Brightwell has fallen into disarray since the last duke died and Quinn wants to give it to Duncan – who doesn’t want it. So, Duncan isn’t happy, but he’ll do his very best to do what Quinn wants. Little does he know that things will soon take a turn toward the bright side.

Matilda Wakefield, Duchess of Bosendorf, is a widow who has spent most of her life traveling around the continent with her art dealer father. She’d always wanted a home – a permanent address – and that was why she had married her German duke. Now that he is gone, she is living in London with her father. Well – she had spent all of her life thinking her father was an art dealer, but now she isn’t so sure. She found evidence that he might be a spy for a foreign government – and – her want-to-be fiancé, Colonel Lord Parker, saw her with the document. She can’t take a chance on Parker turning her father in as a traitor, so she takes off with basically nothing except the incriminating document – including no money.

After being on the run for months – just barely surviving, emaciated and half-starved, she ends up on the grounds of Brightwell – just in time to rescue a very handsome man from two poachers. She doesn’t dare tell him who she is or anything about herself, but the offer of a warm fire and a warm meal entice her to at least go to the house with him for a short time.

Duncan knows there is more to the woman that she is admitting. He recognizes the signs and knows that she is afraid and needs help. Something he is only too willing to give. She doesn’t trust him or anyone else – and plans to leave as soon as she can – but, that leaving seems to keep stretching out. They grow closer and closer – and then the villain strikes. Can Duncan save Matilda? If he can, it won’t be easy.

I adored the supporting characters. My favorite was Stephen Wentworth and I cannot wait for him to get his book. He was a genius and a lovely young man who was constantly chafing against his physical limitations and I will absolutely love seeing him get his HEA.

While Matilda’s husband was deceased, she was not the Dowager Duchess. For her to be the Dowager, she would have had to have had a son, grandson, step-son who was the new Duke and also had a wife – otherwise, she was still just the Duchess. This book was also an example of perhaps the author getting stuck on a particular letter for names – we have Walden, Wakefield, and Wentworth.

I certainly enjoyed the story and I hope you will as well.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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4 thoughts on “When A Duchess Says I Do by Grace Burrowes

  1. I am eagerly waiting for this book. Grace Burrowes is a wonderful writer. I have read and reread several of her books to pieces and have bought multiple copies. Have a blessed day! ❤️📚❤️🍫❤️✉️


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