Rogue Scot by Tammy Andresen

Rogue Scot: Scottish Historical Romance (Brethren of Stone)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Brethren of Stone #4
Publication Date: 5/1/19
Number of Pages: Aprx. 100

This might possibly be my favorite book in the Brethren of Stone books. It is a lovely romance. If you have been reading the series, you will absolutely LOVE the epilogue. It is the absolute best thing!

Matthew (Matt) Sinclair has been existing rather than living since his twin brother, Reginald, died while trying to rescue their young sister from a cliff ledge near their home. His other brothers have moved on, married, started families, etc. but Matt can’t do that. Instead, he is always angry. Living, loving and family would not be honoring his brother, because his brother will never get to have that.

Lady Bridget McDougal is half English and half Scot. Her father can’t stand the sight of her and has packed her off to live in England with her mother’s family. He never wants to see her or hear from her again. He has a new wife about Bridget’s age and he plans to sire a son. He puts her on a small ship in winter when the storms are at their worst, so it isn’t a huge surprise that her ship sinks during a violent storm.

Matt’s three ships have taken shelter from the raging storm. They are all safely tucked into a small cove and trying to get some sleep when the shout from the on-duty sailors above awakens them. There is another ship that had tried to make it into the cove for shelter, but it ran into the rocks and is now sinking. Matt and his crew manage to rescue those aboard the sinking ship and bring them aboard his ships.

One of those rescued is Lady Bridget. She is a tiny little thing and Matt towers over her. She doesn’t let that stop her, she gives as good as she gets and that fascinates Matt. She can’t go back to her father and Matt promises to see her safely to London. The time between rescue and arrival in London brings them closer and closer, through more storms, irate parents and missing dowries. It is a lovely journey to a HEA.

Again – the epilogue is to die for, but I won’t tell you more because it would spoil it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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