Wicked Highland Ways by Mary Wine

Wicked Highland Ways (Highland Weddings, #6)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Highland Weddings #6 – series end
Publication Date: 5/28/19
Number of Pages: 384

This was an excellent read, but as the end-of-series, it left something to be desired. That is one reason I didn’t give it a full five-stars – the other reason is that I got a little tired of the unyielding Brenda. I understood the trauma she’d been through, but she had some excellent examples of good men – like her cousin – to mitigate some of her distrust of men. Also, she never appreciated the fact that Bothan traveled all the way to England to save her – there was never a ‘thank you for saving me from a life of torture and degradation’. IMHO, she could have given in a bit earlier and moved things along so that there could be a nice epilogue that would include the other couples in the series. Maybe they could have been involved in the solution at the end if the author didn’t want to do an epilogue. It just needed something more for it to be the series finale.

Chief Bothan Gunn met and was attracted to Brenda Grant a previous book. He tried to forget her and select a bride from among the many whose fathers had offered them in marriage. A sweet, docile, biddable woman that would give him children, run his home and do as he bid. Nothing like Brenda Grant who is a spitfire. He just couldn’t convince himself to choose any of them.
At the end of the last book, Between a Highlander and a Hard Place, the Scottish king had declared that Brenda had to travel to England to marry Galwell Scrope (don’t you love that name) in order to keep a coveted piece of property within the Campbell clan. Bothan promised Brenda’s cousin that he would rescue Brenda and assure that she didn’t marry the cruel Galwell.

This book opens with Brenda being escorted to England by soldiers of Queen Elizabeth Tudor of England – and Bothan following them and planning how to liberate Brenda. I absolutely loved the way the liberation occurred – and it gave a lot of insight into how shrewd and cunning Bothan is. I really liked Bothan. He is a really good and honorable man and Brenda was very lucky to have him. Too bad she didn’t acknowledge that fact until it was almost too late.

Brenda fights Bothan and her own feelings all the way back to Bothans home – where she is welcomed openly and lovingly by Bothan’s people. When Brenda is ‘stolen’ by Hamell Campbell, who intends to marry her because the Earl of Sutherland said he could, Bothan is off on another rescue mission – and this one may be even tougher than the last.

I didn’t like the Earl of Sutherland at all, but his son was good. The Earl’s decree only forced Bothan to yet again prove what a wiley and clever man he is.

I would definitely recommend this read, but as I said – I’d have appreciated something ‘more’ for a series finale. I adored Bothan and was so happy to see him finally get his HEA. I also liked Brenda, but not as much as Bothan.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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