Murder In The Blood by Anne Cleeland

Murder in the Blood: A Doyle & Acton Murder Mystery (The Doyle & Acton Murder Series Book 10)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: New Scotland Yard/Doyle and Acton #10
Publication Date: 9/10/19
Number of Pages: 219

I always look forward to each new release in this series. It has captured me even though it is totally different than anything else I prefer to read. Once I get a new book, I can’t put it down until I am done. Acton is a dark force with which to be reckoned. He is a peer of the realm, and a high ranking member of Scotland Yard – he’s also not above manipulation and a bit of lawbreaking himself when it comes to seeing his version of justice done. Meaning, he’s a bit of a vigilante. He’s incredibly smart and very, very cunning. So, it is always a delight when the ‘dull’ but ‘fey’ Doyle thwarts his best-laid plans. There are usually a couple of ‘mysteries’ going on in each book – one a police case and one involving some machination that Acton has cooked up. Sometimes the two are related and sometimes they are not.

The fallout from the last case is still impacting the Metropolitan Police Force. They are grossly short-handed because of all of the corrupt members of the force that have been removed and everyone is carrying a double workload. So, imagine the surprise of Williams and Doyle when Acton shows up at the scene of a murder they’ve been assigned to investigate. Then, Acton interviews the witnesses/suspects and he’s – gasp – polite and subservient to them.

As the investigation continues and they learn more and more about the case, they determine that the murder is connected to a series of vengeance murders stemming from the last big case. Somebody is pulling the strings, but it cannot be the one that it so obviously appears to be. So, if not him – who – and more importantly – why! The case takes many twists and turns before all is finally revealed and the real mastermind is identified and the reason revealed.

At the same time, Doyle has become more and more convinced that Acton has something else going on and she has to figure out what it is – and stop it – before something worse happens. This time it is a doozie – and Acton is actually relieved to have Doyle discover his plot so he doesn’t have to carry it out – but it was a near thing.

As I said above, I love this series, but I will suggest that you not read this book as a standalone. At least read the first book or the first couple of books to learn about Doyle and her ‘gift’, Acton’s obsession and protectiveness, and their relationship. Understanding those things will really help you appreciate how far they have come – and will help you understand some of the nuances in this book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the read and hope you will as well!

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