Earl of Kinross by Meara Platt

Earl of Kinross (Wicked Earls' Club Book 14)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Wicked Earls’ Club #14
Publication Date: 10/8/19
Number of Pages: 117

I am really enjoying all of these Christmas additions to the Wicked Earls’ series. This one was particularly good. I thoroughly enjoyed both the hero and the heroine because they were both strong, confident and well-rounded. I thought the ‘love’ happened a little quickly, but, well, it was a novella length. It was all very believable.

Marcus Brayden, Earl of Kinross, comes from a close and powerful family that boasts many titles, much wealth and influence, many military heroes and strong, independent women. According to Marcus, “Having been raised by strong women, he was not of the mind that the fairer sex was helpless.” That, of course, made him a perfect match for our heroine who was, according to Marcus, “a squirming bundle of defiance and determination”.

Lady Lara LeBrecque, the only daughter of the Earl of Stratton, has had a miserable last few years. Well, her entire family has had a miserable last few years. The LeBrecque’s have been under siege and they can’t seem to find a way out. Lara’s father has been accused of treason and her brother, Hugh, has been accused of murder. Now, Lara is feeling under threat from Lord Alistair Dunning who is the judge who has presided over both her father’s and her brother’s legal woes. Dunning watches her with lecherous eyes and she knows he has intentions for her as well as the rest of her family. With her brother on the other side of the world trying to hunt down the villain they are sure is behind their troubles, and her father under house-arrest and watched constantly, Lara has few, if any, people or places to go to for help.

Marcus has been back from the wars in France for only a month or two – recuperating from a wound. He hasn’t been out in society, so he has no clue what has been going on in England while he’s been off fighting. He’s a high ranking general and has about every medal for bravery you can get – not to mention that he’s handsome as sin. One morning, in the earliest daylight hours, he catches a glimpse of a woman scaling over his fence and heads out to catch her. What a surprise to see that it is Lady Lara, his very best friend’s sister. Once she tells Marcus what has been happening to her family, Marcus knows he has to help her and her family – but it will take all of his family resources as well as his relationship with Queen Charlotte and the Prince Regent.

This was a delightful, romantic, non-stop, action-packed story that you’ll read straight through. You just won’t be able to put it down because you will just have to know what happens next. There is also a wonderful epilogue to round out the book – and I always love epilogues!

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