Beyond Compare by Candace Camp

Beyond Compare (The Mad Morelands, #2)Barbara’s rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
Series: The Mad Morelands #2
Publication Date: January 8th, 2018 by HQN Books (first published April 1st, 2004)
Number of Pages: 416
**4.5 Stars

Rafe McIntyre had the love of his life drop right into his lap – literally. He didn’t know she was the love of his life at the time, but goodness, what an introduction. This book starts off with a fun-filled, antics laden visit at the home of the Morelands. Their home is filled with guests who are attending Olivia and Stephen’s (Mesmerized) wedding and what a varied lot of misfits we have.

We met Rafe in the last book when he was helping his best friend and partner solve a mystery at his estate. Now, he’s at the Moreland home to attend his friend’s wedding and then he’ll head on to the continent for a tour – and beyond that, well he doesn’t have any plans. We learn more of Rafe’s past and why he feels that his emotions, especially love, are long dead and buried.

Kyria Moreland is the middle daughter of the Duke of Broughton. She’s not scientific like her older sister, Thisbe, and she’s not a born investigator like her younger sister, Olivia. Kyria is the organizer, she’s the one who keeps the household operating smoothly – even down to planning and executing every step of Olivia’s wedding. Whatever happens domestically with the Morelands, Kyria is the one to handle it. So, when her younger twin brothers parrot escapes, she’s the one to climb the tree to rescue it. But – well – she didn’t count on the limb breaking from beneath her.

The adventure begins on the night of the wedding. As Rafe is taking a smoke break outside the house, he notices a man walking up the drive – holding to the shadows. Then, another man dashes out of the shadows and stabs the first man. Rafe runs to the rescue, but he’s too late. The man is dying. He is carrying a small bag tied to his waist and begs Rafe to get it to. . . well – Kyria. Kyria has no clue who has sent the object, but guesses it might be from their older brother Theo.

People who want the object start coming out of the woodwork – they are everywhere – and they seem to be willing to do absolutely anything to get it – even kidnapping and murder.

Note that all of these books contain a bit of mysticism along with the ‘oddities’ of the Moreland family. Also, be aware that this author butchers – absolutely and totally butchers – titles and forms of address. That really aggravates me because there is absolutely no excuse for it – it is the easiest thing in the world to research titles and forms of address.

At any rate, I really enjoyed the read and hope you will as well.

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