The Dance Before Christmas by Victoria Alexander

The Dance Before Christmas (The Lady Travelers Society, #2.5)The Dance Before Christmas by Victoria Alexander

Tracy’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: The Lady Travelers Society, #2.5

Release Date: October 1, 2018

When Wesley Grant enters the Explorers Club, he is greeted by a lovely young woman, who has clearly has him confused with someone else. Wesley is the president and chief innovator of the very successful Grant Watch and Clock Company, he has come to England from his home in America to meet Sir Archibald Snelling and hopefully get him to endorse his newest invention – a travelers chronometer, at his uncle’s suggestion, he is attending the Explorers Club Christmas Ball and hopes to find a way to get introduced to Sir Archibald. He is about to tell the young woman she has the wrong man, but he becomes intrigued by her story and when he learns she is Sir Archibald’s daughter and wants him to pretend to be her suitor to prevent her father from pressuring her to marry his friend’s son, he can’t seem to disappoint her with the truth and besides, he wanted to meet her father and it seems like fate has dealt him a winning hand.

Anabel Snelling is almost 21 and her father feels it is time for her to marry. He has decided that the perfect man for her is his best friend’s son Douglas Reed. Douglas has been offered a position in India and will be leaving the day after Christmas, so unless she has another serious suitor by Christmas Eve, her father expects to announce her engagement to Douglas at their annual Christmas Eve Ball. But thanks to her Aunt Lillian, her problems are solved! Her Aunt hired an actor to pretend to be her suitor and he will court her until Christmas and then once Douglas has set sail, she will say he doesn’t suit and will be free to carry on with her life. To ensure that her father will accept the fake beau, they have decided to say he is the son of the very famous, very elusive, very dead (and very much admired by her father), Reginald Everheart. When Anabel informs Wesley of the part he is playing, he readily agrees, but refuses to be called Earnest Everheart, he will keep his own first name.

They enter the ball and dance and talk, Wesley knows he should tell her the truth, but he is smitten and doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to meet her father and talk about his chronometer. Anabel introduces him to her father and he tells him that he wants to marry Anabel, they plan to meet the next day. Wesley is satisfied that he will get to talk to Sir Archibald and decides to leave, but on his way out, he is stopped by Effie Higginbotham and detoured to the library with her friends Poppy and Gwen. Effie overheard him telling her friend Archie that he was Reginald’s son and Effie knows something is up, because she and her friends know for a fact that Reginald didn’t have any children – because they made him up!

When confronted, Wesley tells the truth and of Anabel’s dilemma, the trio of ladies are more than willing to help! What could possibly go wrong?

I absolutely loved this novella, it is well written, fast paced, funny and very sweet. So if you are looking for a quick, feel-good, love at first sight novella, look no further! This book is part of the Lady Travelers Society series, but it is more of a prequel than an actual series installment, it can easily be read as a stand-alone and out of order with no problems at all. I really enjoyed this sweet (kisses only) story and am happy to recommend it.

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