To Want A Rogue by Tammy Andresen

To Want a Rogue: De Wolfe Pack Connected WorldBarbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: De Wolfe Pack Connected World
Publication Date: 12/28/19
Number of Pages: 80

This was an excellently written novella that was really fun to read. I loved the characters and felt as if I got to know them. This book is part of the DeWolf Pack Connected World and I believe it is also the last book in the Chronicles of A Bluestocking series.

Miss Dahlia Abigail Smith and her brother, Samuel (Sam) only had each other. They had lost both of their parents to diseases of the lung when it spread through London. While there was a small inheritance, it wouldn’t keep them for long, so they spent the money to complete Sam’s schooling as a barrister. Sam has now completed his education and they are traveling away from London to Sam’s new place of employment. A terrible storm overtakes them, horrendous thunder, flashing lightning, torrential rain, and wailing wind. The coachman does his best to outrun the approaching storm, but a large tree is uprooted and falls directly across the coach. The coachman is thrown from his perch on the coach and is left unconscious. Sam is trapped under the tree and cannot escape, so it is left to Dahlia to find help.

Dahlia feels as if she’s been trudging through the cold, driving rain for days when she finally sees what must be a dwelling in the distance. The place is forbidding looking – eerie – especially in this storm, but she must trudge on and find help for Sam.

When she arrives and lets the knocker fall on the huge wooden door, she is exhausted. When the door is opened, this sodden, small mouse falls inside dripping all over an expensive carpet. She is at the home of Baron Gavin deWolfe, widower, loner, and, at the moment, her savior.

Gavin has been grieving for his wife for the last two years and has sworn that he’ll never marry again. Losing someone you love just hurts too bad. I loved Gavin’s different reactions to Dahlia. First, he mistook her for a child, then he realized she was a lovely young woman, then he thought she was a widow, then he learned she was the lovely young woman he had thought she was. I loved the battle he had within himself trying to fight the attraction he felt for Dahlia. Then, when she was in danger, he had a grand epiphany.

This is a quick, fun, entertaining and romantic read and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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