Wooed by a Wicked Duke by Collette Cameron

Wooed by a Wicked Duke (Seductive Scoundrels, #5)Wooed by a Wicked Duke by Collette Cameron

Tracy’s rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Series: Seductive Scoundrels, #5

Release Date: December 31, 2019

Crispin Rolston, the Duke of Bainbridge has secretly longed for Jessica Brentwood from the first moment he met her, but he has never made his desire known as he is trapped in an unwanted betrothal. He has tried everything to dissolve the betrothal, including cultivating (and embellishing) a rakish reputation, in hopes that his betrothed, Lilith Brighton will call off the engagement. But so far, nothing has worked and it seems like Crispin will have to give up his dream of a love match.

Jessica has also been attracted to Crispin, but he is a rake and someone she would never consider for marriage – she already lives under a cloud of scandal thanks to her father and the only reason she is accepted at all is because her sister is the Duchess of Sutcliffe. As much as she likes Crispin, she will never risk her heart or her fragile reputation with a man like him. But when they are tricked into a compromising situation, marriage may be the only way to quash a scandal.

But Jessica still resists, Crispin is still betrothed and needs to end his engagement and prove to Jessica that she can trust her heart to him.

This was a cute, sweet story, but it was short and personally, I felt like there was too much going on in too short a story – I liked Crispin and Jessica, but their issues took the spotlight and I didn’t think they had enough time together to form a deep and abiding love. I did think they had great chemistry and if the story had been a bit longer I am sure their characters would have convinced me that they were meant to be. I did like the novella and it is a great addition to the series with mild love scenes, cameos and a HEA. While it was not my favorite, I did enjoy the book and would be happy to recommend it.

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