Engaged to the Earl by Lisa Berne

Engaged to the Earl (Penhallow Dynasty, #4)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: The Penhallow Dynasty #4
Publication Date: 2/25/20
Number of Pages: 384

Christopher Beck was a delightful hero, you couldn’t help but love him. As a very young man, he had a contentious relationship with his father. His father didn’t understand Christopher at all and was constantly pushing him into things that Christopher just hated. So, when Christopher was twenty, he decided to leave home – and when he told his father he was leaving, but would write – his father told him not to bother. He left that night, traveled the continent working at many odd jobs, and didn’t return home for several years.

Gwendolyn Penhallow is another delightful character – you’ll love her as well. She comes from a large, happy, boisterous family – you met them in the last book, The Bride Takes a Groom. Gwendolyn has missed her friend from next door over the years. She’s wondered what happened to the troubled young man to whom she once proposed – when she was ten and four. Now, she’s in London for her delayed London season – and she’s already engaged to the most handsome, most wonderful man. It was love at first sight – they literally saw each other ‘across a crowded room’ – and they were lost in each other.

Two things happened at about the same time, but they weren’t related. Gwendolyn began to have small, niggling, subconscious doubts about her engagement and Christopher Beck returned to England – London specifically. As more and more life events happened, Gwendolyn became less and less sure of her decision to marry the earl.

As Gwendolyn and Christopher renewed their friendship, she fondly remembered the young man he had been before he left and she valued him as a friend – someone to whom she could talk and someone she could trust.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hope you will as well. I had trepidations about the book because I assumed (wrongly) that it contained infidelity. Yes, she and the earl were only engaged, but to me, it is still just as wrong to take up with another man without resolving the current relationship. That isn’t what happened. She considered Christopher a good friend and was always happy to see him.

Be prepared – there are LOTS of people, plots, and sub-plots you have to keep straight, but they all make sense. Well, except one – I have absolutely no idea how Gwendolyn could ever have thought that Christopher was smitten with Helen. Goodness, Helen was an awful person and it was readily apparent that was the case.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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