Visions of Lady Mary by Rachel Ann Smith

Visions of Lady Mary (Agents of the Home Office Book 3)Barbara’s rating: 4 of 5 stars

Series: Agents Of The Home Office #3
Publication Date: 3/5/20

This latest addition to the Agents Of The Home Office series has a fun bit of the paranormal thrown in. Actually, I suppose it is more than a ‘bit’, but it is fun and adds a nice twist to the story. You see, Lady Mary Masterson, daughter of a duke, has the family curse — or gift – depending on how one views it. Mary communicates with the dead – they are a constant cacophony in her head – and sometimes she wishes they would just be quiet.

“Despite what our dear family may whisper, our ability to see and talk to the dead is not a sign of madness. It is a gift that has flowed through our bloodlines for generations.”

The dead, along with members of her family who also have the family ‘gift’ have been telling her that Gilbert Talbot is the man for her. Mary doesn’t really mind that since she’s fallen a little in love with him just based on the letters her brother, Phillip, has written about him. Then, Gilbert came home from Cambridge with Phillip – just for a school holiday – and… Gilbert wasn’t at all as Phillip had said – he called her a witch!

“Masterson, you fooled me into coming. You touted your sister as a great beauty. You claimed she was of extreme intellect and held high morals.” Waterford snickered. “She is no diamond of the first water. She’s a witch!”

Phillip was killed during the wars and as he lay dying, he extracted a promise from Gilbert that he would take care of Mary and would marry her. Gilbert fully intended to keep that promise, but had put it off for years – for good reason, of course. In his work for the Home Office, he had to finish his assignments and he didn’t want to bring any danger to Mary because of his role as a PORF (you’ll learn what that is when you read the book). Luckily, Mary is all tucked away safely in Scotland with her aunt.

Shock doesn’t even begin to describe his reaction when he arrives at the port of Calais and sees Mary walking down the gangplank. WHAT! Then, she doesn’t seem particularly pleased to see him. Thus begins an exciting adventure through France. There is lots of excitement and fast-paced adventure as they try to tell friend from enemy.

Poor Gilbert has his hands full trying to keep Mary safe while keeping her other suitors away – not to mention fulfilling his mission. I loved watching Gilbert coming to respect Mary’s abilities and to learn to depend on her and let her lead at times.

I enjoyed this story and I hope you will as well.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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